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Q: What does issimo mean in music mean?
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What does the term issimo mean in music?


Where does the elative -issimo in Italian and Spanish originate?

That suffix originates from Latin.

What is a table of dynamics levels in music and how it looks like?

If they are tabulated from soft to loud: pianissimo, piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte, forte, forte and fortissimo. The -issimo suffix implies the extremes where 'mezzo' is moderately.

What is the meaning for pianissimo?

Very quiet/soft. In Italian piano means soft and the -issimo ending increases the intensity of the word.

What does the Italian suffix ''issimo'' mean?

The most is an English equivalent of the Italian suffix '-issimo'. The suffix also has a feminine equivalent in '-issima'. Either way, the suffix also may be translated as 'extremely, very'. The two forms are pronounced 'EES-see-moh' and 'EES-see-mah', respectively.

What does t mean in music?

Could you be more specific about what you mean? What is the context in which this 't' appears in music? And what sort of music are you referring to?

Who was in madonna's single music?

Do you mean back-up singers? Or do you mean "who was in the music video''?

What does found music mean?

Music with lesbians doe

The opposite of fortissimo is?

pianissimo. Piano means quiet and forte means loud in Italian. Add -issimo and you have "a little more quiet" or a little more loudly.

What does karoke mean?

it mean only a music for a song, but no one sing it, it' only a music for a song..

What does the role of music in society mean?

it means what did they do in their music career

What does fourtay mean in music?

Forte means loud in music.