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Music played in a harmonic, chordal texture.

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Q: What does homophony mean in music?
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What is homophony?

Homophony is a term in music that means that a few instruments or voices sing or play the same meslodic line

What does homophony means?

homophony is the relationship between them creating chords~

Are polyphony and homophony the two main concepts behind baroque music?

baroque music was actually almost completely dominated by polyphonic music with only a few homophonic pieces when it was moving into the classical era. probie :)

What eras used homophony?

Homophony was first heard in the Renaissance era and has been a musical texture tool since then

What was the predominant texture used in music up to about one thousand years ago?

polyphony. gig 'em aggies

What was the most prominent musical style of the classics period?


What kind of music was the most important music of the classical period -?

symphonies and string quartets.

How is Madrigal and a Motet the same?

Both use imitative polyphony or homophony

Is Organum a form of homophony?

No, organum is actually an early form of polyphony

What is a homphony for need?

give me 20 examples of homophony and 20 examples of homography

Is homophony called chordal texture?

If something has a homophonic texture then it has a chordal texture :)

Does baroque music have polyphony or homophony?

Monophonic means one instrument playing a single melodic pattern. Therefore, any solo piece would be monophonic. However, if there is an accompaniment, the texture would be homophonic or heterophonic. This means all the parts move together (homophony) or two instruments play the same melodic pattern but in harmony (heterophony). Most classical era music was melody dominated homophony, because most commonly a violin/violins would play the melody, and it would be accompanied by double basses, cellos and various other woodwind instruments.