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her was going to kill her because he blamed her for killing bella(even though bella was alive, she was just becoming a vampire). He saw her and it wasn't gravity holding him to the earth, it was her

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No. He imprints on Bella and Edward's daughter, Renesmee.

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it means he falls in love and basically he has feelings for her just like he does for bella!

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Q: What does it mean that Jacob imprinted on Bella's daughter?
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Does Jacob like belle daughter in a attractive way?

If you mean Bella's daughter then yes. He imprinted with Renesme while Bella was passed out from being changed into a vampire.

Does it mean Jacob love Renesmee?

yes. he imprinted on her

What do you mean imprinted by Jacob how old is she?

Jacob described being imprinted by saying that "gravity no longer held him down, she did" and he could not help imprinting with a newborn baby.

What does this mean Jacob imprinted on Bella?

This means that Jacob saw her and he could not stay away from her he was in love

Does Jacob love Bella more than Cullen?

do you mean nessie but if you mean nessie then no he loves nessie more than bella because he imprinted on her and not bella

Why didn't Jacob Black and Bella Swan imprint if they looked at each other a lot?

Jacob did not imprint on Bella because they were not meant to be together he imprints on Renesmee. Just because Jacob looked at Bella and also loved her does not mean that he will imprint on her. It was the same with Sam and Leah. Sam and Leah loved each other alot and spent lots of time with each other but then sam met Leah's cousin Emily and he imprinted on her even though he still loved Leah... Bella and Jacob's situation is the same; Jacob and Bella loved each other and they spent loads of time together but then Jacob imprinted on Bella's daughter, Renesmee the first time he saw her; even though he still loved Bella. Hope you can understand the chemistry of imprinting!

What does it mean when someone says Jacob imprinted on bella?

When the werewolves imprint that means they find their one and only true love or their soul mate! oooo Jacob imprints on Bella's daughter (Renesmee; "Nessie"). Like it's not gravity holding you to the groud it's her

What does imprinted mean as a werewolves?

Pick your soulmate

What did Stephenie Meyer mean when Jaob imprinted on Renesmee?

In the Twilight series, when Jacob imprints on Renesmee, it's meant to signify a deep connection and devotion that goes beyond romantic love. It's a supernatural bond that is meant to protect and care for the person imprinted on, in this case, Renesmee.

Why does Jared like Bella?

don't you mean why does Jacob like Bella? because if you do, then it's because he is predestined to fall in love and 'imprint' on Bella's daughter, renesmee, fathered by edward. if you didn't mean Jacob, then please ignore this answer.

What do las Montanas son vellas mean?

las montanas son bellas

What does it mean that jacob imprinted on the baby?

Who knows it is not mentioned in the book The book leaves off with the part of Jacob planning to kill Reneesme and then the next mention of the topic is when Bella returns from her first hunt and realizes Jacob imprinted on Reneesme But if the answer u expect is what better read the book and understand the meaning of imprinting