What does excuse em mwa mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it means excuse me

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Q: What does excuse em mwa mean?
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What does mwa mean in text talk?

Mwa can mean one of 2 things: 1) 'Mwa' is the word for kissing. (Kissing in your text) 2) 'Mwa' is the French word for me. So for example 'IT'S ALL ABOUT MWA!' could be put in a text message instead of me. I hope I've helped. :-]

What does MWA mean in Faceebook?


What does this mean mwa oui?

This is not correct French, but that could mean 'me, yes'

What does 'AAA for mwa mwa' mean on Club Penguin?

It is the exact same as '123 for me', showing that you press usually three keys for them to notice you and date you.

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a black person snoged em

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Ned Vincent... Ned vincent/ who is this??? mwa hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... lol jks im em's fwend! ned- SCREW YOU ALL

Who created the mwa mwa penguin?

The club penguin user named Wittle Angel

What does this mean noxqqivit in brain teasers?

No excuse for it

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What does excuse you mean?

to move