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If you mean Gotta keep em separated it's The Offspring

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Q: What band sings going to keep em separated?
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Who sings that song with the lyrics Gotta separate 'em?

"Come Out and Play (Keep 'em Separated)" by The Offspring

Who sings nothings going to keep me?

no one's gonna tell you.

Who sings the song in the payless store commercial keep it coming now?

The name of the song is actually Keep It Comin' Love and KC and the Sunshine Band sings it. Great song!

Who sings Keep on Rockin Me Baby?

The Steve Miller Band from "Fly Like an Eagle" 1976

Are they going to keep Rosalina in the Naked Brothers Band?


What band sings the song with the lyrics you're the only reason to keep on coming home?

You may be talking about Sweet Pea by Amos Lee. He sings "You're the only reason I keep on coming home". It was recently used in an advertisement for AT&T Wireless.

Who sings the song featured in the new Payless Shoe Source commercial?

The song is Keep It Comin' Love by KC and the Sunshine band. Great disco song and band from the 70's!

What is the song in the payless shoe commercial It goes Keep it coming on keep it coming on Don't stop it now stop it now...or something like that?

Keep It Comin' Love and KC and the Sunshine Band sings it.

Separatation in the Holocaust?

Many people were separated in the Holocaust, which made most people lose their will to keep going.

What band sings the song with lyrics dont turn your eyes away keep focus on what i have to say?

AllyriA from tupelo.

Who sings a song that has the lyrics they are going to give me 10 years so keep bringing you beers?

it's called bartender by rehab

What is the song your the best around and nothings going to keep me down by?

Michael Sembello (1983), same guy who sings 'Maniac', same year.