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He was insinuating he had been kissing the girl and it would contaminate the sample. This provided him a valid excuse to test his finger blood which he was prepared for.

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Q: What did Jerome in the movie Gattaca mean when he says that his saliva is contaminated?
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In the movie gattaca why was Vincent pretending to be jerome marrow?

Vincent is considered an in-valid. Jerome is a valid. Vincent needed Jerome's genes to work at Gattaca.

In the gattaca movie Describe the relationship between Anton and Vincent?

jerome is a sick name bro! kg

What did Eugene earn a medal in in the movie 'Gattaca'?

Jerome had the perfect genes for swimming but only received a silver medal.

Who is Ethan's gattaca co-star?

The movie Gattaca stars Ethan Hawke as Vincent "Jerome Morrow" Freemen, Jude Law as Jerome "Eugene" Morrow, and Uma Thurman as Irene Cassini. Alan Arkin is a publicized actor in Gattaca; however, it is purely for publicity purposes, as his role as Detective Hugo is a minor one.

What do you think is wrong with the society portrayed in gattaca?

In the movie entitled Gattaca, the society was portrayed wrongly. It was in such a way that a Gattaca was able to beat the societal system.

What are hoovers in the movie gattaca?

Police that regulate the rules

What are the positive aspects in the movie Gattaca?

In Gattaca (1997), Vincent/Jerome was able to overcome the unfair practice of genoism, which is discrimination against people who are not genetically engineered. His life-long goal of space travel was achieved despite having a genetically flawed heart and myopia. He found that if you want something bad enough, you can obtain it if you work hard toward that goal.

What is Vincent's life expectancy in the movie 'Gattaca'?

30.2 years

In the movie Gattaca why was Vincent pretending to be Jerome Morrow?

In the movie "Gattaca" it is common for parents to engineer their children before birth and have them possess whatever favorable characteristics they favor, such as physical stamina or mental stability. Vncent was NOT engineered this way, but rather conceived naturally by his parents. He was born with a high probability of developing heart defects as a result (passed on genetically, we assume), and is seen as too imperfect to really succeed in such a society of perfect beings unlike himself. He buys Jerome's identity so that when screened he will appear to be perfect and will in turn have a chance at becoming an astronaut as he has always dreamed.

What is a borrowed ladder or a de-generate in the movie Gattaca?

Vincent is considered an in-valid. Jerome is a valid. Vincent needed Jerome's genes to work at Gattaca. Vincent is now a "borrowed ladder" (a play on words referring to both the structure of an un-coiled DNA strand and the idiom of altitude as social status)

Who wrote Gattica?

The movie Gattaca was written and directed by Andrew Niccol.

What have you already enough of built in according to the geneticist in the movie 'Gattaca'?