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i believe hes reffering to The Lone Ranger an old t.v. show with the cowboy tonto

Since he's talking bout 'big ballin' may be he's meant 64ft 2002 United Kingdom yacht 'Kimosabi'

EDIT: The song is about big ballin. He really means nothing by the line. He bit it from T.I.'s song "Swing Ya Rag" "whoa kimosabe .. big ballin is my hobby .. im boppin while im talkin rag fallin out my pocket"

New Edit: Actually this was a line from a Big Tymers song "Big Ballin" in the late 90's. Both under the Cash Money record label...

Newer Edit: It's in "We be steady mobbin'" By Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, and others. The line is "Oh Kimosabe big ballin is my hobby"

edit over stupid edits: look at definition 2


An exclamation of joy, drunkenness, or horniness. Typically, used when one is on the verge of blacking out, seeing/getting some from a beautiful woman, or witnessing an amazing athletic play.

Oh sh*t, look at that girl! OH KIMOSABE!


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Q: What does Lil Wayne mean by oh Kimosabe big ballin is your hobby?
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