What does Jacob whisper to Bella in Quileute?

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'Stay With Me Forever'

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Q: What does Jacob whisper to Bella in Quileute?
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What does Jacob say to Bella in Quileute?

In New Moon, Jacob Black said to Bella in Quileute was ''Stay with me forever." hope this was useful for you. xx Jacob actually says"I love You" I am a Quileute member.

Who told Bella that the cullens are not welcome on the quileute land?


Does Jacob tell Bella he is a werewolf?

No. He is not allowed to tell Bella he is a werewolf according to the Quileute Legends.

What is the Quileute word that Jacob tells Bella right before he kisses her?

Jacob says stay with me forever.

Who is Jacob Black and what legened does he tell Bella?

Jacob Black is a werewolf, Bella's friend, and he has a crush on her. He tells her the Quileute legend. The Quileute legend is all about the cold ones and werewolves and how the rivalry between vampires and werewolves first began.

What is the Indian saying that Jacob tells Bella?

From what I found, it means "Stay with me Forever" in Quileute.

What does Jacob say to Bella in quileute in The Twilight Saga new moon?

I think he says "I Love You."

What does Jacob say in quileute to Bella in new moon?

Koo cloak lay- Stay with me forever.

What did Jacob say before he kissed bella?

Jacob Black said Queqlotlei" (koo-klout-lay) it's Quileute, it means i love you.

What does Jacob Black say in quileute language?

just before Jacob is about to kiss bella he says koo cloak lay which means i love you

What did Jacob say to Bella in the kitchen seen in new moon in quileute?

he says "stay with me, forever" i think its cute.

Is Bella Swan part quileute?

no her father (charlie swan) is close friends with Billy Black who is a Quileute. but bella is not part Quileute

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