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Aburame Shibi

Name Meaning: Aburame="Oil Woman"; Shibi=A type of tile, also a location

Aburame Shino

Name Meaning: Aburame="Oil Woman"; Shino=Potentially meant to be same kanji as in "shinobi"

Akadou Yoroi

Name Meaning: Akadou="Red Body"; Yoroi="Armor"


Name Meaning: Aka in kanji can mean "light" or "red"; Hoshi="Star"

Akimichi Chouji

Name Meaning: Akimichi="Autumn Road"; Chou="Butterfly" ji=can mean child or love

Akimichi Chouza

Name Meaning: Akimichi="Autumn Road"; Chou=Butterfly za=can mean sitting down or seat


Name Meaning: Ayame=An iris flower, a pattern and a name


Name Meaning: Similar to "bakki" meaning aeration


Name Meaning: "Thousand Years" or "Forever"


Name Meaning: A name, failure, group, steps, platform


Name Meaning: Dan=Group, steps zou=Storehouse, hide, possess


Name Meaning: Potentially based on Japanese myth, Dei=Mud

Dosu • Kinuta

Name Meaning: Dosu=Yakuza sword; Kinuta=A wooden block for beating cloth, also a location


Name Meaning: "Barbarian" or "The God of Wealth"


Name Meaning: Ebi=Shrimp zou=Elephant

Enma Enkouou

name Meaning: Ruler of Hades

Fuuma Sasame

Name Meaning: Fuuma=Wind Abrasion; Sasame=A name, "same" means rain


meaning of the name Gaara is: A name made up of three Kanji characters. Ga meaning "me," ai meaning "love," and ra meaning "demon."


Name Meaning: French for cake

Gekkou Hayate

Name Meaning: Gekkou=Moonlight; Hayate=As kanji means squall or gale

Hagane Kotetsu

Name meaning: Hagane="Steel" Kotetsu=A name, tetsu="iron"


Name meaning: "White"


Name Meaning: Hi=fly, skip pages, scatter or Shougi Rook, dan=grade, steps or stairs

Shodai Hokage

Name meaning: First Fire Shadow

Nidaime Hokage

Name means: Second FireShadow

Sandaime Hokage

Name meaning: Third FireShadow

Yondaime Hokage

Name meaning: Fourth FireShadow

Hoshigaki Kisame

Name meaning: Hoshigaki=Dried persimmon, Kisame=Ogre/Demon Shark

Hyuuga Hanabi

Name meaning: Hyuuga=Towards the sun, Hanabi=Fireworks

Hyuuga Hiashi

Name meaning: Hyuuga=Towards the sun, Hiashi=Daytime or spreading of a fire

Hyuuga Hizashi

Name meaning: Hyuuga=Towards the sun, Hizashi=Sunlight or rays of the sun

Hyuuga Neji

Name meaning: Hyuuga=Towards the sun, Neji="Screw"


Name Meaning: A fox deity, also a flavored boiled rice

Inuzuka Hana

Name Meaning: Inu=Dog zuka=A small hill, Hana=Flower, nose or end

Inuzuka Kiba

Name Meaning: Inu=Dog zuka=A small hill, Kiba="Fang"

Inuzuka Tsume

Name Meaning: Inu=Dog zuka=A small hill, Tsume="Claw" or "Talon", also a name


Name Meaning: "Young thunder", A lead character in Japanese folk tale, married to "Tsunade"


Name Meaning: Next or second son, bou=can mean priest

Kaguya Kimimaro

Name Meaning: Kaguya=Furniture Store, A name; Kimi=you, governing person maro=You, one with thin eyebrows, ma=Hemp, ro=Spine


Name Meaning: Kaku=Angle or Shogi bishop zu=Metropolis or capital

Kamizuki Izumo

Name Meaning: Kami=God or soul zuki=Month or moon; Izumo=A name zumo=Can mean cloud


Name Meaning: A famous kabuki player, kurou=crow


Name Meaning: Ka=incense, smell, perfume rin=phosphorus


Name Meaning: A man-bird deity in Hindu-Buddhist myth


Name Meaning: A slippery oil

Daimyou Kazahana Dotou

Name Meaning: Kazahana=Snowflake; Dotou=Surging waves

Kazahana Koyuki

Name Meaning: Kazahana=Snowflake; Koyuki=A light or powdered snow


Name Meaning: Kidou=A name; ki=Ghost or devil dou=Child maru=Boys name

Kin • Tsuchi

Name Meaning: Kin=As kanji can mean Koto (A musical instrument); Tsuchi=Soil or hammer


Name Meaning: Ko=Little nan=South


Name Meaning: Konoha=Tree leaves maru=Boys name

Kyuubi no Youko

Name Meaning: Kyuubi=Nine Tail; Youko=A bewitching fox

Maito • Gai

Name Meaning: Might Guy


Name Meaning: Tangle

Mitarashi Anko

Name Meaning: Mitarashi=A type of sweet rice cake; Anko=Red bean paste


Name Meaning: Sprouts

Momochi Zabuza

Name Meaning: Momo=Peach tree chi=earth, Za=again bu=never za=kill

Morino Ibiki

Name Meaning: "Forest Snoring"

Namiashi Raidou

Name Meaning: Namiashi=Slow march

Nara Shikaku

Name Meaning: Nara (Prefecture), Shika=Deer, 'Shikaku' also means Assassin

Nara Shikamaru

Name Meaning: Nara (Prefecture), Shika=Deer, Maru=Boys name


Name Meaning: "Hazy"


Name Meaning: Orochimaru=Villain in mythical Jiraiya tale, Orochi=Large Serpent, Maru=Male Name


Name Meaning: Companion, phosphorus, cold, a name


Name Meaning: As kanji can mean: Extreme, genius, planting, loan, rhinoceros, companion, a weapon, son, navel, smash, fine


Name Meaning: Sa=Left [A 'sakon' was a right-hand man position in the shogunate]

Sarutobi Asuma

Name Meaning: Sarutobi=Flying Monkey [Also a legendary ninja]; Asuma=A name


Name Meaning: Scorpion


Name Meaning: Splash

Shiranui Genma

Name Meaning: Shiranui=Lights on the Sea; Genma=Magical Illusion


Name Meaning: A name


Name Meaning: A type of shower in early winter


Name Meaning: A name, Ta=A reason, Yu=Frequent, Ya=To be classical


Name Meaning: A traditional Japanese handball game, A name


Name Meaning: Moving about, spot


Name Meaning: Reconciliation, killing with bare hands or making noodles by hand


Name Meaning: A name, construction worker, a type of bird


Name Meaning: A mooring rope, Wife of Jiraiya in mythical tale

Uchiha Fugaku

Name Meaning: Uchiha=wa/ha character switch to make "fan"; Fugaku=Unlearned

Uchiha Inabi

Name Meaning: Uchiha=wa/ha character switch to make "fan"; Inabi=Possibly short for Inabikari or "flash of lightning"

Uchiha Itachi

Name Meaning: Uchiha=wa/ha character switch to make "fan"; Itachi=Weasel

Uchiha Madara

Name Meaning: Uchiha=wa/ha character switch to make "fan"; Madara=Spot, blemish, speck, patches

Uchiha Mikoto

Name Meaning: Uchiha=wa/ha character switch to make "fan"; Mikoto= Words of a ruler, lord, also a name

Uchiha Obito

Name Meaning: Uchiha=wa/ha character switch to make "fan"; Obito= Neck, also a name

Uchiha Sasuke

Name Meaning: Uchiha=wa/ha character switch to make "fan"; Sasuke= Name of legendary ninja


Name Meaning: Japanese noodles


Name Meaning: U="Right" Kon="Near", Ukon=Akin to "Sakon" aka right hand man

Umino Iruka

Name Meaning: Umino=Ocean; Iruka=Dolphin

Yakushi Kabuto

Name Meaning: Yakushi=Short for Buddhist Healing God, Kabuto="Helmet"

Yamanaka Ino

Name Meaning: Yamanaka=Among the Mountains, Ino= Boar or a Sign of the Zodiac

Yamanaka Inoichi

Name Meaning: Yamanaka=Among the Mountains, "Ino"= Boar or a Sign of the Zodiac, Inoichi=A name


Name Meaning: Ancient name for Japan


Name Meaning: Yasha=A female demon, Maru=Boys name

Yuuhi Kurenai

Name Meaning: Yuuhi=Setting sun, Kurenai="Crimson"

Zaku • Abumi

Name Meaning: Zaku=Sound of cutting, Abumi="Stirrup"


Name Meaning: "Tongue" or "Reed" (A form of tall hollow grass or tongue attachment to a hollow woodwind instrument) Let me know if I said someone more than once. Thanks and I hope I helped. ^^

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Hinata means 'Sunny Area' or just 'Sunny'.

Hinata means sunflower

I typed in "hyuga" in Google translate, and it says Hyuga means Hinata. So apparently Hinata's first and last name are the same... I also tried "sunflower" and it says sunflower means Himawari. And "sunny day" means Hareta hi. "Sunny" means Hiatari no yoi. At least, this is what google translate says.


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Hinata means "towards the sun" in Japanese and is a character in the manga series Naruto.

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hinata means "towards the sun", "sunny place" or "facing the sun" (just like her last name hyuuga)

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Hinata is a shy girl in Naruto.

She is in team 8 with Kiba And Shino.

She likes Naruto a lot but is to shy to tell him.

Neji is her cousin.

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hina in japenese means goddess of fish or fishing...!!

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It means " Towards the sun" in Japanese

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