Hinata what does it mean?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Hinata means "sunflower" or "facing the sun"

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Q: Hinata what does it mean?
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What does Hinata hyuga mean in Japanese?

Hinata means Sushine but Hyuga…not shure Hinata is the best though!:3

What does the name Hinata mean?

The name Hinata means sunny place or in the sun. Hinata also means " Sunflower" or " Sunshine"

What does Hinata say?

wat do you mean

When do naruto and hind a kiss?

As long as you mean "Hinata" they haven't.

What does Hinata's name mean?

It means sunflower or facing the sun

What does hyuga mean in English?

On Google translate, it says Hinata means Hyuga and Hyuga means Hinata. So, apparently Hinata's first and last name translate to the same thing, but I've heard that Hinata's name means "sun", or "sunny day". Hope this helps you!- Narutofan2000

When do Naruto and Hinata make up?

totally i mean they are going to get married,have kids.

Did Hinata actually survive?

Well if you mean after Pein attacked Hinata, then yes she is still alive but after the attack she is very badly hurt, but im pretty sure she's alive.

Does Hinata have a son?

Currently, no. Hinata does not have a son.

Who loves Hinata?

Hinata loves Naruto

Is Hinata Hyuga blind?

No, Hinata is not blind.

Will Naruto and Hinata ever be together?

No. Hinata dies.