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Rue and Thresh both live in District 11 the District of crops.

hope i helped im a big Hunger Games fan :)

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yes they are from district 11

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Q: What district does Thresh and Rue live in?
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Where does Thresh and Rue live in?

Thresh and Rue lived in District 11

Why did thresh refuse to hurt Katniss?

Because she sang Rue to death. Rue is Thresh's other district tribute.

Who is Thresh in 'The Hunger Games'?

Thresh is another tribute in the first hunger games Katniss takes part in. He is from the same district as Rue which is (I think) district 11.

Are thresh and rue from the same district in the book the hunger games?

Yes that's why thresh let katniss go

What point was Thresh making at the feast when he allows Katniss to live?

Thresh overhears Clove telling Katniss that they (the Carrers) killed Rue, who was Thresh's fellow District 11 tribute. He then kills Clove, thinking that she killed Rue. He lets Katniss live because she sang Rue to death, and braided her hair with flowers. He thinks that now, there are no more debts to be paid between the two of them, He says: "Just this time, Twelve... for Rue."

What disrtict is rue from in The Hunger Games?

I Believe She Is In District 11 Along With Thresh

Why doesn't thresh kill Katniss?

Because Katniss looked after Rue, Thresh's district partner, and she didn't kill her, she even looked after she died and she tells thresh this and he says just this once and runs off.

Who played the man who attacked the peacekeepers in district 11 in the hunger games?

Thresh and Rue are the 2 tributes chosen in the reaping from district 12

What tribute was from district 11 in the hunger games?

If you mean the first film, the tributes from District 11 were Rue and Thresh. If you mean the second film, Catching Fire, the tributes were Seeder (female) and Chaff

Why did Peeta Mellark save Katniss?

Because She was allies with rue and she covered her with flowers and sangnto hernwhile she died

What does Thresh hear Clove say that causes him to attack her?

Clove begins to shout Cato's name when she sees the rock in Thresh's hand so Thresh gets defensive. Also, Clove was bragging about how her crew killed Rue, a 12 year old tribute from Thresh's district. This upsets Thresh as well.

How does Thresh kill Clove?

He kills Clove because he hears her say to Katniss that they killed Rue, and Thresh killed her for revenge. But he spares Katniss because she helped Rue in the arena.