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Thresh is probably a dog. Thresh is tough, but he had a soft spot for Rue, so he let Katniss live because of the partner ship. A dog is loyal and protective.

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Q: What animal is thresh compared to in the hunger games?
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How old is thresh in the Hunger Games?

Thresh was 18 when he went into the 74th Hunger Games

Why dont you see thresh in the Hunger Games?

Thresh is a character and you do meet him in the novels, once or twice. And you "see" Thresh in the Hunger Games movie, as well. So you do, so that question was irrelavent.

What happens to thresh in the hunger games?

thresh gets chased by cato into the field where cato kills thresh

Who plays thresh in the Hunger Games?

The role of Thresh was played by Dayo Okeniyi.

Does Thresh die in The Hunger Games?

Yes he dies by muttations

Who killed clove in The Hunger Games?

Thresh killed Clove

Are thresh and rue from the same district in the book the hunger games?

Yes that's why thresh let katniss go

What killed thresh in The Hunger Games?

Cato, the boy from District 2

Who won third place in the hunger games?

Thresh in Distict 11

Who is Thresh in 'The Hunger Games'?

Thresh is another tribute in the first hunger games Katniss takes part in. He is from the same district as Rue which is (I think) district 11.

What disrtict is rue from in The Hunger Games?

I Believe She Is In District 11 Along With Thresh

What are the tributes names in the Hunger Games?

Thresh, Cato, Katniss, Peeta, Rue, Firefox,