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Thresh killed Clove

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Q: Who killed clove in The Hunger Games?
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Who played Clove in The Hunger Games?

In the Hunger Games movie, Clove is played by Isabelle Fuhrman. :)

Who kills who in the bloodbath of the Hunger Games?

In the 74th Hunger Games, 11 people were killed in the opening bloodbath, most of them likely by the Careers. In the book, Clove killed the boy from District 9, but the rest of the deaths are unknown.

What tribute is clove in the hunger games?

Clove is the Tribute Girl from District 2.

Who got in 24th place in the 74th Hunger Games?

The first person killed in the 74th Hunger Games was the boy tribute from District 9. He was killed by Clove who threw a knife into his back at the Cornucopia while he was fighting with Katniss over a backpack.

What number was clove when she died in the hunger games?


Was clove revived by the capital in the hunger games?


What district does clove come from in the hunger games?

District 2

What is clove from the hunger games last name?

She doesn't have one

Who is the girl on district 2 in the 74th hunger games?


Who are the people in Cato's alliance in the hunger games?

Alexander Ludwig

Who killed who in The Hunger Games?

the only ones i know are peeta killed foxface katniss killed glimmer and marvel cato killed the male tribute from 3 and thresh marvel killed rue thresh killed clove the mutts killed cato

Who is Clove?

The district 2 female tribute in the 74th hunger games.