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District 9 is grain production. It is said that they also have a lot of factories.

They are not careers and haven't had many victors in the hunger games.

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Q: What did they do in district 9 of the book Hunger Games?
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What is the industry for district 9 in the hunger games book?

The industry for district nine is grain.

What is the least talked about district in the hunger games?

i think its district 9

What is the district 9 keyword for the hunger games contest?


Who is the district 9 boy in the hunger games?

His name wasn't mentioned

What are the answers to the cineplex hunger games contest?

District 9: Backpack District 5: Foxface

Who kills who in the bloodbath of the Hunger Games?

In the 74th Hunger Games, 11 people were killed in the opening bloodbath, most of them likely by the Careers. In the book, Clove killed the boy from District 9, but the rest of the deaths are unknown.

What are two hyperbole's in the book the hunger games?

Katness the girl on fire Clove threw a knife at the bak of the boy of district 9 quicker then lightning

Who is Annie Thurman?

Annie Turman plays district 9 girl in the hunger games 'the girl with the grain'

Who died from district 9 in hunger games?

Both the girl tribute and the boy tribute. Neither are named.

Who is the first person to die in the hunger games?

Well, in the book: The Unnamed Male Tribute from District 9 was stabbed in the back and choked to death by Clove, the female tribute from District 2. In The Movie, well, there was a LOT of actors replaying their lines, so it is unknown, but it possibly can be the boy from District 9.

What is district 8 9 12 3 keywords for the hunger games contest?

Keywords? Do you mean what they produce for the Capitol? if so ... District 3 Technology District 8 Textiles District 9 Grain District 12 Mining/Coal

What are the types of economics in the districts from the book Hunger Games?

District 1: Luxury Goods District 2: Masonry District 3: Electronics District 4: Fishing District 5: Power District 6: Transportation District 7: Lumber District 8: Textiles District 9: Grain District 10: Livestock District 11: Agriculture District 12: Mining Note: Districts 5,6, and 9 were not specified in the book, but the official movie website specified the districts' main product made or grown.

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