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I think it is district 5... You should look on the map

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Marvel was from District 1

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Q: What district was marvel from in the Hunger Games?
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Who is from district 1 from the hunger games?

glimmer is the girl and marvel is the boy

Who kills rue in Hunger Games?

The boy from district 1, Marvel.

Who kills rue in The Hunger Games?

A boy tribute from District 1 named Marvel.

What district is cato from Hunger Games?

Cato is from District 2, but he teams up with Clove from District 2, Glimmer from District 1 and Marvel from District 1.

How does Roe die in The Hunger Games?

Rue was stabbed with a spear, thrown by Marvel, the boy from District 1

Who were the tributes in the 74th Hunger Games?

The tributes of the 74th Hunger Games are... District 1- Glimmer and Marvel District 2- Clove and Cato District 5- Foxface District 11- Rue and Thresh District 12- Katniss and Peeta I did not write anyone down if they did not have a name.

Who died in district 1 in the book of the Hunger Games?

Both district 1 tributes died in the Hunger Games. Marvel was killed early on, and Glimmer was killed the the tracker jackers from the nest that Katniss dropped on the Careers.

Who are the Hunger Games tributes?

I am only listing the ones I know, most of them weren't mentioned. These are from the 74th Hunger Games District 1: Glimmer, Marvel District 2: Clove, Cato District 5: Foxface District 11: Rue, Thresh District 12: Katniss, Peeta

Who is in catos alliancein the Hunger Games?

the girl from district 4,the boy from 3, cato, clove, marvel, glimmer, and peeta

What are the names of the district 1 tributes in the Hunger Games?

In the first film, they are Glimmer and Marvel. In Catching Fire, they are Cashmere and Gloss

How old is marvel from the hunger games?

Glimmer was 17 in The Hunger Games.

What were the names of the careers in the Hunger Games?

People that train for their lives and volunteer as tribute when they are 18. They usually win the Hunger Games.