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From what I understand , they are bad-guy villianous robots that figure in the Doctor Who series. It is not known where the name comes from. They have biological entities hidden inside- never shown. In that sense they somewhat resemble the manned robots that were, for a while, a science-fiction staple- crossed with the Deros- or detrimental robots of the Shaver"s saga of the inside earth. This stuff is lilght years- on the Dark Side of wholesome, progressive Science Fiction- of which there are many types.

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Q: What did the daleks do in the first episode ever?
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What are the names of the superior Daleks from the Doctor Who episode 'Victory of the Daleks'?

The 'New Paradigm' Daleks don't exactly have names because only the Cult of Skaro had names, but they have individual titles. Doctor Who Confidential gave their titles as white -Supreme, yellow - Eternal, red - Drone, blue - Strategist, and orange - Scientist.

What are daleks made out of?

As revealed in Daleks in Manhatten/Eveloution of the Daleks, the Daleks are made out a metal called Dalekanium. The base of the dalek also provides a pickup for static electricity

What are daleks personality?

The Daleks don't really have a personality have they have no emotions, actually just one! Beauty that is why they can never kill the doctor (Asylum of the daleks)

What are all the emotions of Daleks if they have any?

Fear and hate are the only emotions the daleks are capable of.

Is something wrong with Amy Pond in the Victory of the Daleks?

(Contains spoilers for the episode Victory of the Daleks) Amy Pond can't recall anything about the Daleks who had invaded Earth (Sol:3) so the Doctor thinks there is something wrong with her by not remembering anything which had such an impact on her life. If you look at the end of the episode there is the crack in the wall which is following Amy so the crack in her wall will definitely be coming back in an episode soon which is when you can get the definite answer to your question but until all of the episodes have been shown nobody (unless they have read spoilers) can answer this honestly. If the question was meant that the character seemed a bit off in the episode, rather than that it had to do with actual plot, it has a simple explanation. The story Victory of the Daleks were originally written for the characters of the Tenth Doctor and companion Donna Noble. It was never used for them and instead pulled out and used for the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond. So if Amy Pond appears to be more abrasive and such, this is why.

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What was the first episode of Doctor Who with the daleks in?

It was called 'the Daleks'

What was the daleks first appearance in Doctor Who?

THey first appeared in 1963, in an episode called 'The Daleks'. There was a Doctor Who movie called 'Doctor Who and The Daleks', But I'm not sure when that was released.

What year did the Daleks first appear in Doctor Who?

the daleks first came into the show just around the third episode, considering that all the episodes back then were separated into two. the episode was named "dead planet" and afterwords the daleks became a major part of doctor who

What was the name of the first Episode that Patrick Troughton played in Doctor who?

The Tenth Planet: Episode 4 was his first and regenerative episode. His first full episode was The Power of the Daleks.

Is elevation of the daleks an episode name?

No, but 'Evolution of the Daleks' is. Season 3, episode 6 with David Tennant as the Doctor.

When were darleks created?

the first episode the daleks where in was in 1963 with the first doctor it was the second adventure the doctor and his companions had

What was the first doctor who episode featuring Patrick trougton?

The Power of the Daleks. November 5th 1966

Are daleks coming bac in season 5 of dr who?

They sure are! In episode 3, its called 'Victory of the Daleks''

How many episode were the daleks in?

The Daleks appeared mostly in the first and second doctor's era. If you count "The Dlek's Master Plan" and "Mission to the Unknown" as separate stories, they have appeared in 14 stories.

Who created the new race of pure daleks?

the scientist who was in the world war two episode although the daleks created him, in the show.

When were the daleks first seen?

The 1963 serial called The Daleks.

Why are the Daleks back?

they are the doctors arch enemy they first featured in the daleks with the first doctor