What did daleks say?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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This song has some Hebrew lyrics, such as the line that roughly translates as 'What is happening Sec' (Hebrew doesn't have a word for Dalek so we must assume it refers to Dalek Sec). In the song the Hebrew word 'Korah' is chanted, which translates as 'The Happening', which could refer to the Daleks evolving.

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Q: What did daleks say?
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Why does the Dalek say 'behold the resurrection of the Daleks'?

Because the Daleks are being reborn and brought back.

Why did the Parliament of the daleks consist of gold daleks?

Daleks have a strict caste system, daleks are born into various roles. The bronze daleks in the Parliament of the Daleks are regular rank and file soldier daleks.

Does the Nation Estate still own the rights to the daleks from dr who?

in 1963, the first aliens the first doctor encountered were the daleks. the daleks looked a lot different to the daleks we have now. terry nation created the daleks and have been around for nearly 300 years! these are the dalek stories we have seen so far... the daleks, the dalek invasion of earth, the chase, the daleks' master plan, the power of the daleks, the evil of the daleks, doctor who and the daleks, daleks' invasion earth 2150AD, day of the daleks, planet of the daleks, death to the daleks, genisis of the daleks, destiny of the daleks, ressurection of the daleks, revalation of the daleks, rememberence of the daleks, dalek, bad wolf, the parting of the ways, doomsday, daleks in manhatten, evolotion of the daleks, the stolen earth, journeys end, victory of the daleks......

How many different storylines have featured either Davros or the Daleks since Doctor Who started?

I'll say this once A lot! daleks are doctor whos biggest rotters. since it started in 1966ish here are all the episodes with the DALEKS and....whatshisface Davros 1.The Daleks 2.The Dalek invasion of Earth 3.The chase 4.Dalek Cutaway 5.The Dalek master plan (very daleky) 6.The power of the Daleks 7.The evil of the Daleks 8.Day of the Daleks 9.Frontier in space 10.Planet of the Daleks 11.Death to the Daleks 12.Genesis of the Daleks 13.Destiny of the Daleks 14.Resurrection of the Daleks 15.Revelation of the Daleks 16.Rememberance of the Daleks 17.Dalek 18.Bad wolf 19.Army of the ghosts 20.Doomsday (cult of Skaro are in it so it counts if members want a debate about it start debating) 21.Daleks in manhatten 22.Evolution of the Daleks (my favourite) 23.The stolen Earth 24.Victory of the Daleks and so on. to series 7 as they haven't been mentioned in series 6. My name is also very Dalek like my mind. so up to now the episodes tots up to I'd say 24 up to now

Who has been in more doctor who storys Daleks or Cybermen?

Daleks: 20 Cybermen: 13 The Daleks

What was the first episode of Doctor Who with the daleks in?

It was called 'the Daleks'

Who'd Win Daleks or Borg?

Daleks, easily

When were the daleks first seen?

The 1963 serial called The Daleks.

When was Prisoner of the Daleks created?

Prisoner of the Daleks was created in 2009.

When was War of the Daleks created?

War of the Daleks was created in 1997.

When was Legacy of the Daleks created?

Legacy of the Daleks was created in 1998.

How many types of Daleks are there?

Mark I Dalek (The Daleks) Mark II Dalek (The Dalek Invasion Of Earth) Mark III Dalek (1965-1984) Dalek Emperor (Evil Of The Daleks and Parting Of The Ways) Dalek Supreme (Planet Of The Daleks) Necros Dalek (Revalation Of The Daleks) Imperial Dalek, Special Weapons Dalek, Renegade Dalek (Remembrance Of The Daleks) New Series Dalek (2005-TBA. Daleks will return in 2010's "Victory Of The Daleks").