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Fear and hate are the only emotions the daleks are capable of.

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Q: What are all the emotions of Daleks if they have any?
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What are daleks personality?

The Daleks don't really have a personality have they have no emotions, actually just one! Beauty that is why they can never kill the doctor (Asylum of the daleks)

Who likes Daleks?

Daleks are liked by no one, they dont even like themselves because they refuse emotions. They are the Doctor's sworn enemies.

Why did the Parliament of the daleks consist of gold daleks?

Daleks have a strict caste system, daleks are born into various roles. The bronze daleks in the Parliament of the Daleks are regular rank and file soldier daleks.

Does the Nation Estate still own the rights to the daleks from dr who?

in 1963, the first aliens the first doctor encountered were the daleks. the daleks looked a lot different to the daleks we have now. terry nation created the daleks and have been around for nearly 300 years! these are the dalek stories we have seen so far... the daleks, the dalek invasion of earth, the chase, the daleks' master plan, the power of the daleks, the evil of the daleks, doctor who and the daleks, daleks' invasion earth 2150AD, day of the daleks, planet of the daleks, death to the daleks, genisis of the daleks, destiny of the daleks, ressurection of the daleks, revalation of the daleks, rememberence of the daleks, dalek, bad wolf, the parting of the ways, doomsday, daleks in manhatten, evolotion of the daleks, the stolen earth, journeys end, victory of the daleks......

All Episodes Daleks V Cybermen Doctor Who?

The Daleks Vs the Cybermen is in the episodes 'Army of Ghosts' and 'Doomsday'

I don't understand the dalek classifications. There are dalek emperor supreme dalek renegade dalek imperial dalek davros what are the new Daleks Can someone give me a long answer and explain?

The Supreme Dalek is the ruler of the renagade daleks. The renegade daleks are the daleks that don't obey Davros and the ones who arrested him for crimes against the Daleks in "Revelation of the Daleks". The Emperor is the ruler of the imperial daleks, the ones that were recreated by Davros in "Revelation of the Daleks". In the earlier years of the Daleks, The Daleks are ruled by the Supreme Council, of which the Supreme Dalek Was the head of. This now brings us into the different colours of Daleks. The Red Dalek is the supreme. The Black is the leaders of the warriors and the grey (In the new series, Gold) are the ordinary Daleks. The Daleks in "Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways" Are Imperial Daleks, because they were lead by the emperor. The Daleks that fought the Time War would've been Imperial Daleks too, because Davros was there as well. It is possible however, that both Dalek factions were fighting, their differences put aside to exterminate the Time Lords. This is never made clear. The Daleks in "The Stolen Earth/Journeys End" Are Renegade Daleks. Davros created them, but they have obviously turned against him, keeping him in a vault. The Cult of Skaro could be either, but most probally Renegade Daleks because the Doctor said that he thought they were just a legend, which implies that they are old. Older then the Imperial Daleks. But they didn't like the fact that Rose had destryed the Emperor, and the Doctor said that they were above the emperor. So who knows? I'd also like to add that Dalek Caan rescued Davros, so the Cult of Skaro could be Imperial Daleks. And the Doctor said in "Daleks in Mahatten/Evolution of the Daleks" that they were created by the Emperor, so they have to be Imperial Daleks. Some evidence that the Daleks might have re-united in the Time War is that all Daleks are now standerdly gold, like the Imperial Daleks were White and Gold. However in the episodes "Evil of the Daleks" , "Day of the Daleks" and "Death to the Daleks" , there was no set colour to the daleks, they were all sorts of colours and definitely not Grey or White & Gold. And that was before the Daleks were divided into the 'Renegade' and 'Imperial' factions and yet there is a Dalek Emeror in "Evil of the Daleks". How can this be? Could this be that due to the daleks being unified, there was no need for 'uniforms'. But this still doesn't explain the Emperor Dalek being there. the new Daleks' rank is determined by their colour. white= supreme, orange= scientist, yellow= eternal, red= drone, blue=strategist

Who has been in more doctor who storys Daleks or Cybermen?

Daleks: 20 Cybermen: 13 The Daleks

Are daleks evil?

Generally speaking, yes. They have been specifically genetically engineered by their creator, Davros, to have no emotions whatsoever except hatred and a desire to annihilate all other life-forms in the Universe except themselves. They are mostly incapable of any other feelings. Davros is a brilliant but very wicked scientist of the Kaled race ('Dalek' is 'Kaled' spelled backwards!!) However, there have been times when individual Daleks have managed to rise above this. Two examples are episode six of the 2005 series, simply entitles 'Dalek', when Rose Tyler develops a sort of empathy with a Dalek and enables it to feel positive emotions, and also the two-part episode 'Daleks in Manhattan' broadcast in late April 2007, when Dalek Sec, one of the four leaders of the Cult of Skaro, has higher ideals to create a superior Dalek race that has all the genuis and power of the Daleks but is also capable of empathy and doing good. In both cases, these Daleks either automatically self-destructed or were assassinated by their rebellious colleagues. The idea of the Daleks was come up with by Terry Nation, one of the founders of the Dr.Who series back in 1963, but he has given explicit instructions that the Daleks are never to be portrayed as anything other than evil. Nation is still alive, but when eventually he dies, this edict may change.

What was the first episode of Doctor Who with the daleks in?

It was called 'the Daleks'

Who'd Win Daleks or Borg?

Daleks, easily

How many different storylines have featured either Davros or the Daleks since Doctor Who started?

I'll say this once A lot! daleks are doctor whos biggest rotters. since it started in 1966ish here are all the episodes with the DALEKS and....whatshisface Davros 1.The Daleks 2.The Dalek invasion of Earth 3.The chase 4.Dalek Cutaway 5.The Dalek master plan (very daleky) 6.The power of the Daleks 7.The evil of the Daleks 8.Day of the Daleks 9.Frontier in space 10.Planet of the Daleks 11.Death to the Daleks 12.Genesis of the Daleks 13.Destiny of the Daleks 14.Resurrection of the Daleks 15.Revelation of the Daleks 16.Rememberance of the Daleks 17.Dalek 18.Bad wolf 19.Army of the ghosts 20.Doomsday (cult of Skaro are in it so it counts if members want a debate about it start debating) 21.Daleks in manhatten 22.Evolution of the Daleks (my favourite) 23.The stolen Earth 24.Victory of the Daleks and so on. to series 7 as they haven't been mentioned in series 6. My name is also very Dalek like my mind. so up to now the episodes tots up to I'd say 24 up to now

Do all animals have emotions?

No. There are animals without brains, like oysters, which are incapable of thinking or feeling any emotions.