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Jacod tried to help keep Bella alive by doing as Edward told him; he did CPR on her to keep her breathing........until at last.........the venom had to be injected into her because it wasnt enough. She did indeed, almost die.

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In the movie, Jacob tells Bella that they used to make mud pies together when they were little.

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Q: What did Jacob do when Bella gave birth?
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How old is Jacob when Bella gave birth?

Actually, I'm pretty sure that Jacobs younger then Bella. :)

Did Jacob not give Bella the motorbike for her 18th birthday?

Nope,bella gave them to him to fixs.

Which movie did Jacob give Bella the bracelet?

Jacob gave Bella the bracelet in Eclipse at her graduation party. In the book it was in chapter 17.

Who gave Jacob an invitation to Edward and Bella's wedding?


In eclipse when Jacob gave the note to Bella what grade did Jacob say it was like?

2nd Grade.

Who is at renesmees birth?

Actually present at Renesmee's birth were Jacob, Edward and obviously Bella.

What did Jacob give Bella for valentine's day?

Jacob gave Bella a small dreamcatcher that he made himself for Valentine's Day.

What happends to Jacob when Bella chooses Edward?

Jacob is surprisingly happy at the end of "Eclipse". Bella and Jacob share a passionate kiss releasing Bella's true feelings for Jacob. Bella is very confused as now she knows she loves Both Edward and Jacob. But In Breaking Dawn, when Bella conceives Renesmee, and soon after her birth Jacob imprints, Bella, Edward and Jacob are seen as just friends. Jacob and Bella no longer feel anything besides "best friend saga" It is truly a happy ending.

Will Bella choose edward instead of Jacob?

YES!!!!!!! She does pick Edward over Jacob!!!! And Edward turns Bella into a vampire when she was dying when while she was giving birth to Reneesme.

What type of vehicle does Bella drive?

Charlie gave Bella an old Red Chevy when Bella arrived to Forks. GO TEAM JACOB!! <3

What does emmet give Bella on her eighteenth birthday?

Jacob gave Bella a bracelet which he carved himself and it had a carving of a russet coloured wolf which represented Jacob. Jacob does give Bella a bracelet(for graduation) In the movie, Jacob gives Bella a dreamcatcher that is suppose to take away bad dreams(on Bella's bday).

Why is Bella's bracelet special?

it is special because edward gave the bracelet to her and jacob gave her a wolf key chain which she hanged to the bracelet resembling her love for jacob and edward