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They dumped HD Net with the "Big Crunch" i.e. when everyone was required to get a digital converter box with every TV

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Q: What channels is HDNet on RCN?
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What channels are offered with rcn cable?

"RCN cable is part of Comcast. It offers the same cable channels as comcast, mediacom, or any other cable station. This usually includes basic, extended, and digital cable and the premium networks plus HD."

When was HDNet created?

HDNet was created in 2001.

When was HDNet Movies created?

HDNet Movies was created in 2001.

When was HDNet Fights created?

HDNet Fights was created in 2007.

What is the duration of NHL on HDNet?

The duration of NHL on HDNet is 2.5 hours.

When was NHL on HDNet created?

NHL on HDNet was created on 2001-10-04.

When did NHL on HDNet end?

NHL on HDNet ended on 2008-04-05.

How does one gain access to the HDNet movies channel?

One can gain access to the HDNet movies channel when one subscribes to the cable network that carries the HDNet movies channel. One can get a schedule of the HDNet movies by email.

What channels is HDNet on Comcast?

Comcast Has chosen NOT to carry Hdnet. Big Problem, since Comcast is buyibg out smaller cable companies that carried and provisioned pakaged with HDnet. ( Adelphia for example ) for many Cable users, HDnet dissappeared without warning or even a Pay Per View option. Although many feel this violates the original contract that the cable user had with its previous owners, COMCAST has not been remanded to provision HDnet even as a pay option ( as it should ) by the FCC. As a result many NHL games, MLS and Independant News items are now unavailable in HD on Comcast. Terse article at petition at

What channel does Ring of humor come on?

Ring of HONOR used to air on HDNet, but they seperated from them some time ago. It will be on TV again at the end of 2011, but the channels are not known yet.

What are the release dates for HDNet World Report - 2002?

HDNet World Report - 2002 was released on: USA: 2002

When was Clásico RCN created?

Clásico RCN was created in 1961.