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3 national channels NBC, CBS, and ABC. A handful affiliated channels and local.

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2017-01-24 04:47:35
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Q: What was the TV channels of the 1970's?
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Are there any scrambled encoded broadcast television stations in the US?

No, the idea of distributing Pay Television by encrypted terrestrial broadcast became popular in the 1970s (channels such as SuperTV, Wometco Home Theater, Prism, Preview, SelecTV and ON-TV) but all of these stopped broadcasting long before the digital transition and there are no such channels left.

What was technology like in 1970s?

party line phones, 4 channels on tv including ipt, pong for a game and new cars for about $3500,

How many tv channels were there in the 60's?

3 tv channels

Do digital TVs have decimal channels?

No. They have digital channels and may pick up analogue channels but there are no digital channels.

How many channels do most televisions have?

most tvs have 8000 channels

How many television channels is there today?

there is about 1000 channels on television today !! :)))

How many TV channels are there in Canada?

about 50 channels

What channels work for global TV?

Global Tv does not have channels, it is a site that has tv shows.

Can you delete sky tv channels?

Can I remove adult channels

Where do you bye TV channels?

To buy more TV channels or suscribe to certain channels, you should contact the company of whose TV network you are suing

What kind of channels can one get from Tiscali TV?

There are many different channels that Tiscali TV offers. They have sports channels, networks for children, and even a few channels dedicated to soap operas.

Are all TV channels in Bangladesh digital?

Only Satellite Channels. Terrestrial Channels are only analogue.

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