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ouran high school host club has and will never be broadcast on television in the u.k. but in Japan the first series *and only* aired about 2 year's ago,but you can watch all the episodes on YouTube

That's great, but what about the US? I know it's on...for Version Fios it's on channel 262. If anyone knows Direct TV, please tell me....

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Q: What channel on tv does ouran host club high school come on?
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What channel does Ouran High School Host Club come on with Dish Network?

It doesn't come on television you have to use youtube.

What time does Ouran High School Host Club come on?

OHSC is not on TV.

When will the 27th Ouran High School Host Club episode come out?

the show ended at episode 26 :(

When will the 27 episode of Ouran High School Host Club come out?

i thought there was only 26 episodes?

Where can you find the Ouran High School Host Club episode 1 script?

I'd reccomend www.anime Just search Anime Transcript in Google and Ouran Highschool Host Club Episode 1 and it should come up! Hope it helps!

When will OHSHC vol 14 come out?

Viz Media , the publisher , has a release date of Jul. 6, 2010 for "Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 14" .

Ouran High School Host Club season 2?

there is no 2nd seasons. there are no OVAs(i think) i havent come across anything yet,if i see something,ill tell you

When is the next volume of ouran high school coming out?

The Last volume has already come out.

Will the Ouran High School Host Club video games EVER get dubbed in English and if so when?

I heard that it may come out in october 2012 but i'm not sure isn't it unfair how it's not in english

What channel and time in Detroit MI does the 700 Club come on as of March 3 2011?

what channel is 700 club in detroit michigan

What channel does bad girl club come on on dish network?

Oxygen is available on DISH Network channel 127

Where can you find ouran high school host club episodes in English?

"There are not episodes in English for ouran, besides reading the subtitles enhances your reading :D" actually, Funimation is dubbing 13 episodes first and it will start coming out on October 28...don't let me fool you I'M SUPER EXCITED!!!!!! (I didn't want to change your answer) But you can watch the episodes in English at myspace videos just type in Host club episode __ and it will come up. (Hoped that that it works!^-^) You can so watch them in English. I watched them on youtube HD full episodes!! Google it @.@