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channel 41

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Q: What channel does summer slam come on?
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What channel is WWE summer slam on on dish network?

channel 828 on ppv

What channel is summer slam on?

it on paper viwe u have 2 oder it

What channel will the summer Olympics come on?

On channel NBC.

What channel will the summer Olympics wil come on?

On channel NBC.

When will undertaker come back after WrestleMania 27?

He is gonna come back on wwe summer slam.

Who are the winners at summer slam?

Summer Slam hasn't happened yet.

Did jeff hardy come back?

Yes, he came back at Summer Slam 2010.

Do the Disney channel games come outin summer?


When the undertaker comback?

he will come back on summer slam because Vickie higher him because edge cheated on her

Who will win at summer slam 2010?

Triple H will come out and ruin the main event causing to be a no contest.

What channel does WWE Saturday morning slam come on if you have dish?

at 10:30 channel 50 and 234. At 12:30 235. at 1:30. 233

What channel is WWE slam?