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You have to get 11 points in hall of fame mode.

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Q: How do you Unlock Summer Slam on Smackdown vs Raw 2008?
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What channel does summer slam come on?

channel 41

When is summer slam 2010?

Augest 15th 2010 Live On PPV

In WWE whos returning in 2008 suma slam?

the phenom undertaker

What time does WWE air its Programs?

WWE's weekly programs (Raw, Main Event, Smackdown and Saturday Morning Slam) air as follows:Raw: 8pm to 11pmMain Event: 8pm to 9pmSmackdown: 8pm to 10pmSaturday Morning Slam: 10am to 10:30am

Which WWE superstar retired in 2010?

Here are the ones I know: Tommy Dreamer (ECW Superstar) DJ Gabriel (ECW Sperstar) Eric Escobar (SmackDown! Superstar) The Hurricane (ECW Superstar) Paul Burchill (ECW Superstar) Maria (SmackDown! Diva) Scott Armstrong (WWE Referee) Charlie Haas (SmackDown! Superstar) Shawn Michaels (RAW Superstar) Lance Cade (RAW Superstar) Mickie James (SmackDown! Diva) Katie Lea (RAW Diva) Shelton Benjamin (SmackDown! Superstar) Slam Master J (SmackDown! Superstar) Jimmy Wang Yang (SmackDown! Superstar) Kung Fu Naki (SmackDown! Superstar) Mike Knox (SmackDown! Superstar) Tony Atlas (ECW Manager) Carlito (RAW Superstar) Batista (RAW Superstar) Daniel Bryan (NXT Rookie) (Soon Rehired later as a RAW Superstar) Savannah (SmackDown! Diva) Serena (SmackDown! Diva) Aloisa (NXT Diva) Chris Jericho (RAW Superstar) Jaime Keyes (NXT Diva) Matt Hardy (SmackDown! Superstar) John Cena (RAW Superstar) (Soon Rehired back to RAW) Shad Gaspard (SmackDown! Superstar) Vance Archer (SmackDown! Superstar) Tiffany (SmackDown! Diva) Luke Gallows (SmackDown! Superstar) Caylon Croft (SmackDown! Superstar) Jillian Hall (RAW Diva) Aaron Mahoney (WWE Referee) MVP (SmackDown! Superstar) Kaval (SmackDown! Superstar) Ashley Valence (NXT Announcer)

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How do you unlock summer slam arena in WWE smackdown vs raw 2008?

you have to get ten points in hall of fame mode

How do you unlock summer slam in Smackdown vs Raw 09?

ok. the 1st person who answered this was WRONG!!!! in smackdown vs. raw 09, summerslam is already unlocked. on smackdown vs. raw 08, who have to unlock it.

Can you burn the tables and slam the wrestlers through them in smackdown vs raw 2008 for psp?

no you cant impossible

When is smackdown vsraw 2010 coming out?

Fall of 2009, but an actual release date will probably be announced around or after Summer Slam

Will Shawn michaels retire at summer slam?

At Summer Slam on August 17, 2008, Shawn Michaels made his first appearance since The Great American Bash and stated that he will not retire.

Did team WWE deserve to win at summer slam?

no because nexus was going to take over but I think smackdown has a great plan to beat nexus at "bragging rights"

Who are the winners at summer slam?

Summer Slam hasn't happened yet.

How do you unlock every player in Mario slam basketball?

how to unlock new players in Mario slam basketball

Why did the undertaker attacked cm punk at summer slam 2009?

because Jeff hardy is planning on leaving wwe or extended vacation and smackdown needed a new babyface to be top dog

When is John Cena coming back from his injury from the summer slam 2008 against batista?

john cena will be coming back on servivers serice in 2008 on 23 november.

What are the ratings and certificates for Slam - 2008?

Slam - 2008 is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:PG

Did Zambrano hit a grand slam in 2008?

No, Carlos Zambrano did not hit a grand slam in 2008.