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Here are the ones I know:

Tommy Dreamer (ECW Superstar)

DJ Gabriel (ECW Sperstar)

Eric Escobar (SmackDown! Superstar)

The Hurricane (ECW Superstar)

Paul Burchill (ECW Superstar)

Maria (SmackDown! Diva)

Scott Armstrong (WWE Referee)

Charlie Haas (SmackDown! Superstar)

Shawn Michaels (RAW Superstar)

Lance Cade (RAW Superstar)

Mickie James (SmackDown! Diva)

Katie Lea (RAW Diva)

Shelton Benjamin (SmackDown! Superstar)

Slam Master J (SmackDown! Superstar)

Jimmy Wang Yang (SmackDown! Superstar)

Kung Fu Naki (SmackDown! Superstar)

Mike Knox (SmackDown! Superstar)

Tony Atlas (ECW Manager)

Carlito (RAW Superstar)

Batista (RAW Superstar)

Daniel Bryan (NXT Rookie) (Soon Rehired later as a RAW Superstar)

Savannah (SmackDown! Diva)

Serena (SmackDown! Diva)

Aloisa (NXT Diva)

Chris Jericho (RAW Superstar)

Jaime Keyes (NXT Diva)

Matt Hardy (SmackDown! Superstar)

John Cena (RAW Superstar) (Soon Rehired back to RAW)

Shad Gaspard (SmackDown! Superstar)

Vance Archer (SmackDown! Superstar)

Tiffany (SmackDown! Diva)

Luke Gallows (SmackDown! Superstar)

Caylon Croft (SmackDown! Superstar)

Jillian Hall (RAW Diva)

Aaron Mahoney (WWE Referee)

MVP (SmackDown! Superstar)

Kaval (SmackDown! Superstar)

Ashley Valence (NXT Announcer)

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Q: Which WWE superstar retired in 2010?
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Is the WWE superstar edge retired?

Yes. He retired from Smackdown.

What happened to WWE superstar barbarian?

he retired

Who is the oldest superstar in WWE?

The oldest superstar in the WWE was Ric Flair, but then he retired. I dont know who is now.

When was WWE superstar mvp fired?


Where is the WWE superstar Rikishi?

Rikishi is currently retired from wrestling and residing in Poinciana, Florida.

Why has WWE superstar batista retired?

he lost his final match to Cena in an i quit match

Is retired WWE superstar Bobby Lashley Aboriginal?

Probably not, since he lives in Colorado

Where is WWE superstar finley?

Fit Finlay has retired from professional wrestling in early 2011.

Who will win WWE superstar of the year 2010?

john cena

How old is kane the WWE superstar?

As of October 2010, 43.

Did WWE's Finlay retire in 2010?

No. If he retired, then wwe probably would have announced it.

Who will be the next WWE superstar to retire?

Now that Edge is retired i think the next one will be Triple H.