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Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Cher, Hans Christian Anderson, Thomas Edison...

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There are not a huge number of celebrities that have dyspraxia but I know Daniel Radcliffe, Stings son and Richard Branson.

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Q: What celebrities have dyspraxia?
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Does dyspraxia affect maths skills?

I have dyspraxia and yes it does affect math

How did Daniel Radcliffe get dyspraxia?

Harry Potter the character does not have dyspraxia, the actor who played him Daniel Radcliffe does. Radcliffe has not discussed his dyspraxia much in public, but he did mention that he struggles with simple tasks such as tying his shoelaces. His publicist stated that Radcliffe only has mild dyspraxia. Not a lot is known about dyspraxia and those with it tend to find ways to adapt to the tasks they find difficult.

If you have dyspraxia will you be classed as disabled?


Are dyspraxia and dysgrafia the same thing?


Did Albert Einstein have Dyspraxia?

There is no definitive evidence to suggest that Albert Einstein had dyspraxia. He demonstrated exceptional cognitive abilities in physics and mathematics, which may have overshadowed any motor coordination difficulties commonly associated with dyspraxia.

Can you go bowling if you have dyspraxia?

The answer is yes, you can. Having Dyspraxia does not mean you have to be discluded from activities such as ten pin bowling, snooker or pool. I myself have Dyspraxia and have enjoyed going to bowling and pool on many occasions, although I am not always that good at winning. I can still enjoy myself though.

What kind of student was Daniel Radcliffe?

Well he has dyspraxia

What is the neurological disease that Daniel Ratcliffe has?

He admitted to being diagnosed with Dyspraxia.

Did Daniel Radcliffe have dyxperia before he made the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie?

Yes he does.He has said he only has minor dyspraxia.He said he has all but learnt to control it over the past few years.Daniel Radcliffe has stated that he has this neurological impairment.he doesn't drive, ride a bike, swim, and he has difficulty with fine motor skills.I`ve seen him run, ( December Boys), he is someone sluggish.He also has difficulty with focusing and following during interviews.Dyspraxia is a neurological condition that affects all motor and sensory skills.For info on dyspraxia visit:What is Dyspraxia?( What_is_dyspraxia)more info on dyspraxia how to look for it in others and other aspects of help you can visit the dyspraxia foundation site who do a brilliant job on keeping us informed.( )

How does dyspraxia affect talking?

Yes a child with dyspraxia will find it hard to form words and join sounds together correctly. Some sound combinations will appear to be impossible for them to say.

What are some bad problems caused by dyspraxia?

I have known i have had server dyspraxia since i was about 7the worst points are :problems socialisinglack of concentrationlack of spatial awarenesspoor righting, reading, speechlack of self esteem and confidencepoor balancepoor at group taskserratic emotions

What is the treatment for dyspraxia?

There is no medication to cure dyspraxia. Dyspraxia can be treated very effectively by occupational therapists and speech pathologists - for an accurate diagnosis and advice on treatment see a speech therapist, they should be able to refer you to a good OT as well.