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The AC-130 has three cannons, a 25mm, a 40mm, and a 105mm.

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Q: What bullets does the AC-130 have?
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Modern warfare can you get in artillery?

there is a predator missle which is a single one hit area kill, ac130 gunships that shoot shells and minigun bullets down from above,

How do you do the infinite ammo for ac130 glitch?

the ac130 already has infinite ammo.

How do you get the ac130 moving emblem?

You get it by using the AC130 killstreak 10 or so times.

Can you call in a nuke with ac130?

Im not sure what you mean but you can use a ac130 to get a nuke if you have them on your kill streak selections.

Does cod 4 have an ac130?


Which manufacturer makes the AC130 laptop?

AC130 appears to be a type of weapon or aircraft or something, not a laptop. A lot of Modern Warfare Three websites talk about the AC130, and all there is is discussion about laptop skins, not the actual laptop.

What kill streak is the ac130 at?


Witch is better in modern warfare 2 chopper gunner or ac130?

i like ac130 because you can change what type of gun your shooting Chopper Gunner is good for maps that are full of hiding spots, since it will hover around enemies, giving you shots. The AC130 will not do this. However, on big maps like Wasteland, the AC130 is better.

When do you get to use a ac130 in campaign in mw2?

You don't... you only use a few predator missiles. You use ac130 in special ops though.

How do you unlock the gold skulls ac130 title mw2?

You need to get "specre VII" I think that's like 1000 AC130 kills, when you get the gloden AC130 title you also get the spinning 10th prestige emblem from modern warfare one.

Can you use ac130 and chopper gunner on your killstreaks?


How do you get the AC130 emblem in MW2?

Get 25 AC-130s