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Silver bullets

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Q: Which of these does not hurt a vampire?
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Does it hurt when a vampire bites you?


What does not hurt a vampire?

Bubble wrap

In twilight can a vampire be bitten by another vampire?

yes they can but it really wont do anything but hurt them .

Would being changed into a vampire hurt?


A good description on a good vampire in twilight?

A vampire that doesn't hunt humans and trys not to hurt them either.

Themes of Interview with the Vampire?

How they hate garlic ,do their bites hurt

What type of flower can hurt a Vampire?

if you mean plant.. its garlic.

How will a vampire hurt us?

It won't because they don't exist.

Can a vampire come to you?

no. unless you try to be funny by using a vampire bat. a vampire bat won't hurt you either. it will just kill animals and suck their blood.

Does it hurt to become a vampire?

Depends on their person and how you become one, for me it did'nt hurt. Sorry I cant be more specific I didn't feel a thing because me and my friend were born a vampire so it depends

Can a vampire bat hurt a human?

If it hurts a cow by drinking its blood, I bet it can hurt a human, but not life threatening.

How do vampire bats move?

They fly and when they have a hurt wing they walk on the ground