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"Non timebo mala", which is Latin for "I will fear no evil".

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Q: What are the engravings on Dean Winchester's Colt?
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What is Dean Winchesters code for his car?


What is the name of Dean Winchesters hairstyle?

'Ivy league'

What is sam and dean winchesters dad name in the show supernatural?

Sam and Dean's father is named John Winchester.

What is sam and dean winchesters mothers name in the show supernatural?

Mary Winchester.

What the code for Dean Winchesters weapons is from Supernatural?

11-02-83, which is the date that Mary Winchester was killed.

In Supernatural What is Dean Winchesters phone number?

in season 1....785-555-0179 and 866-907-3235

What is dean winchesters middle name?

His middle name is never given, so no one knows his middle name.

What make is sams winchesters car?

If you are referring to the main car in the show, its a 1967 Chevy Impala, and it's technically Dean's.

What color are Dean Winchesters eyes?

They appear to be different. The right is brown and the left is blueish.

Why do girls dream about Sam and dean from supernatural to save them?

The subconscious associates Sam and Dean from Supernatural as someone who can help in a terrifying situation (aka nightmare). Also their likely infatuation with either of the "Winchesters" is a factor.

What happen to the colt in supernatural?

In Season 5, Abandon All Hope, Dean drops the colt while being chased by the hell hounds, so they have not seen it again in present day. But in Frontierland, Season 6, they go back in time find the colt, and use it to kill a Pheonix, but Dean drops the colt right before Castiel brings them back to present time. So they still don't have the colt.

What actors and actresses appeared in Colt 13 - 2014?

The cast of Colt 13 - 2014 includes: Ivan Ford Dean Kyrwood Simon Lyndon Aaron Scully