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There are many themes in Lord of the Flies. Amongst them you have civilizatoin vs. savagery. The boys divides into two groups representing each of thees aspects. Jack leading one of them (savagery) and Ralph the other (civilization). There are also other sides in the book representing theese two sides.

in addition two this, you also have loss of innocence (se the last page of the book). we follow the boys giving more and more in to their primal side.

Eventually, there is the fact that we all (the boys) create out own deamons. Like Simon, when he discusses with the Lord of the Flies (representing Beelzebub, a manifestation og the deamon the devil). He is the one figuring this out, but never gets a chance to tell the others.

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what are the themes of Lord of the Flies?

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Civilization vs. Saveragy

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Q: What are the Lord of the Flies novels themes?
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