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Lord of the Flies is narrated from a third person viewpioint.

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Q: What is the point of view of Lord of the Flies?
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What point of view is Lord of the Flies told in?

3rd person point of view by an anonymous person who does not interfere with the happenings in the story.

What are examples of point of view in Lord of the Flies?

Lord of the Flies is in 3rd person limited point of view. For example, during the scene where Simon is talking to the pig head carcass, the "Lord of the Flies", you never see inside the head of Simon as he's having his seizure, such as when he lifts his head up. Nor could you see the emotion of different characters at different situations; you could only see dialogue.

Retell the events of chapter eight in Lord of the Flies from Simon's point of view?

This is not a question, it is an instruction from your teacher which you should follow.

What dichotomy does Piggy point out to the hunters in Lord of the Flies?

That Ralph is still chief.

What is the initial view of the island in Lord of the Flies?

When Lord of the flies begins, Ralph and Piggy are standing on a strip of land on the island called "the scar." The scar is the burnt, treeless strip of land created when the plane crashed.

How do the others view Simon in lord of the flies?

they think he is 'batty' and 'cracked'. They don't understand the superior knowledge of Simon

Who would be considered a protagonist in the lord of the flies Ralph or jack?

It can be argued that they both were. It all depends on how you view the book.

How is Simon from lord of the flies?

How is Simon from lord of the flies?

When was Lord of the Flies created?

Lord of the Flies was created on 1954-09-17.

What was the loyalist's point of view on the Proclamtion of 1763?

They wewre happy ind played lord of the rings ontheir computerr

What does the lord pf the flies signify in the Lord of the Flies?

Learn english.

What is the genre of the book Lord of the Flies?

Lord of the Flies is classified as fiction.