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Lord of the Fleas

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Q: What are some puns in Lord of the Flies?
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What are some tv shows about Lord of the Flies?

There is an episode of The Simpsons called "Das Bus" that is heavily based on the book "Lord of the Flies"

How is Simon from lord of the flies?

How is Simon from lord of the flies?

When was Lord of the Flies created?

Lord of the Flies was created on 1954-09-17.

Who is eric in Lord of the Flies?

Some kid that thinks he knows it all.

What are some books or films with the theme 'the power of the imagination'?

Lord of the flies

How do you use puns?

well you could have fun but that is not a easy way to use puns

What are some movies with many boy roles?

Hook, and the Dead Poet Society.Also Lord of the Flies (not lord of the rings).

What does the lord pf the flies signify in the Lord of the Flies?

Learn english.

What is the genre of the book Lord of the Flies?

Lord of the Flies is classified as fiction.

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What are some puns about messing up?

Punny you mention that.

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