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Q: What are some websites were you get to create a movie star?
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What websites are there like Movie Star Planet?

the answer is facebook i love movie star planet that is how i know my name is buddy1645

What other websites are like Movie Star Planet?,,, and just some more.

What websites are like twitter but for kids?

Movie star

How do you get dimonds on Movie Star Planet?

you buy or get vip or cheats from websites

What are good fashion websites?

Some that I would recomend is: stardoll Movie star planet IDressUp Girlsence Roiworld Hope It Helped !

How do you create forums on Movie Star Planet?

well kid

Where could one watch movies online that star Owen Wilson?

There are many different websites where one can watch movies that star Owen Wilson. Some of these websites include Movie Beast, Movies 88 and 123 Watch Movies.

How do you download videos on Movie Star Planet?

To download videos on Move Star Planet, you can download the application for your iPhone. Then, create a movie on the website and add that movie to your iPhone account.

How do you you have your own club on Movie Star Planet-com?

You have to be V.I.P to create your own Club.

What websites sell Star Trek gifts?

Many websites sell Star Trek gifts online. Some of the websites selling such items include eBay, Amazon, SFX and also the official Star Trek online store.

Will Avery Brooks star in a Star Trek movie some day?


What are Websites for girls over the age of ten?

Movie Star Planet is one you might want to check out.