Best Answer is the best site ever sucks

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Q: Are there any websites like Movie Star Planet?
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What websites are there like Movie Star Planet?

the answer is facebook i love movie star planet that is how i know my name is buddy1645

What other websites are like Movie Star Planet?,,, and just some more.

Is there a pop star game like Movie Star Planet?

There is one called Michael Jackson but LIKE Movie Star Planet dunno

Is there any websites like Movie Star Planet?

well theres club secret etc. etc.

How do you become a vip on Movie Star Planet for free without any emails?

dear movie star planet i really want to be a vip because poepel like to tease me on movie star planet can you plz make me into a vip plz

What virtual worlds are like Movie Star Planet?


What websites are like twitter but for kids?

Movie star

Any games like fantage and xivio which is free?

There are other websites that are like Fantage. One is Movie Star Planet! There you can make movies, make friends, have pets, make looks and artbooks, and visit chatrooms. In Movie Star Planet there are more things you can do if you aren't VIP than on Fantage. I hope this helps! Please recommend me.

How does a Movie Star Planet gift card look like?


Is there any other sites like moshi?

Movie star planet

Can you have 2 accounts on Movie Star Planet?

yes you can as many as you like

Are One Direction on Movie Star Planet?

i like pies with tomato sauce