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Q: What other websites are like Movie Star Planet?
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What websites are there like Movie Star Planet?

the answer is facebook i love movie star planet that is how i know my name is buddy1645

How do you get dimonds on Movie Star Planet?

you buy or get vip or cheats from websites

How can you get in to your room in movie star planet?

How to get in your room in movie star planet

Does Una Healy have Movie Star Planet?

No, she does NOT have Movie Star Planet.

What are Websites for girls over the age of ten?

Movie Star Planet is one you might want to check out.

Are there any websites like Movie Star Planet? is the best site ever sucks

When was Movie Star Planet invented?

movie star planet was invented in 2008

How do you text people in Movie Star Planet?

how do you send a messege on movie star planet

Where can you buy freckles on Movie star planet?

you can get from movie star planet on shopping on beauty

How do you get pets out of boxes movie star planet?

how do you get a pet out of its box on movie star planet

Is there any other sites like moshi?

Movie star planet

What is a reem code for Movie Star Planet?

the code for movie star planet is 33452778 bleave me