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Q: What are some sites that you can chat with celebrities for kids?
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What are website that kids could make an avatar and chat?

There are lots of great sites for kids where you can make an avator and chat, here are some that I really like:

What are some of the sites used for collage chat?

Some of the sites that offer free college chat rooms include Chat Avenue, Chat Web, Advanced Chat, Date Hookup, Mingle 2, Teen College Chat, and College Meet.

What are some fan chat sites?

there many just join these popular sites and chat,

What are some child friendly chat rooms besides club penguin?

There are several safe chat rooms geared toward kids. These chat rooms include Chat Avenue Kids Chat, Kidz World Chat, Chat Room Kids Chat, and Kids Com.

Where are some websites were you can find celebrities chat room?

i dont know i want to find out

What are some websites that offer a chat feature?

There are a wide range of sites that are currently offering a chat feature. One of the most popular sites that offer this feature is Facebook. There are also sites that are dedicated to chat rooms such as 'chat-avenue', and 'tinychat'.

What are some oline chat sites?

chatroulette, olemga

Do you have some avatar chat sites for preteens?

What are some popular webcam chat rooms?

Wiggio, Palchat and Tinychat are all free online chat rooms that meet those specifications. One should always be careful about how much information is revealed in chat rooms especially free ones, because if anyone can go on there then for sure one individual at least is using the sites for inappropriate purposes. One may also consider using a paid video and voice chat room service, where the users are screened more carefully.

What sites aid you in being in chat rooms for teens?

Some sites that are chat rooms for teens are,, These sites are primarily used for teens for recreational and social use

How do you make psy in a facebook chat?

You cannot talk to famous people on facebook, they are just community figures that people follow and talk about. But some celebrities use Twitter, its up to Psy whether he uses social networking sites or not.

What are some websites for kids where you can create a character and chat?