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There are several safe chat rooms geared toward kids. These chat rooms include Chat Avenue Kids Chat, Kidz World Chat, Chat Room Kids Chat, and Kids Com.

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There's runescape and habbo

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Q: What are some child friendly chat rooms besides club penguin?
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Are there any safe chatting rooms for kids under 13 besides clubpenguin?

Yes, there are several safe chatting rooms for kids under 13 besides Club Penguin that include Webkinz and BBC Kids. Even though they are monitored it is still important to explain to your kids about Internet safety and not to divulge personal information.

What rooms and characters in Club Penguin are being taken away?

No Club Penguin rooms or characters are being taken away! There might be regular people's penguins accounts being permanently banned at the moment, but as far as rooms and famous Club Penguin character (such as Aunt Arctic...) there are no characters or rooms being taken away on Club Penguin.

Is it okay to clean things around your house and in kids rooms with alcohol?

Refrain from using alcohol based products in smaller children's rooms. Using water and child and eco friendly products are the better way to go.

Where is the members only room on Club Penguin?

When there is parties on Club Penguin, there are member only rooms.

What The 5 best christian chat rooms?

club penguin, neopets , millsberry , marapets and penguin chat

What rooms doesn't have music in the background on club penguin?


How do you get into the member rooms on club penguin but not be a member?

you really can't unless you have a really good trainer. but club penguin has made it so nonmembers can't go in any member rooms.

How do you waddle around 30 rooms?

go inside thirty rooms in club penguin to get that pin. Hope this helps

Using penguin storm How do you get into full rooms?

You can't. Penguin Storm is good but if a room is full nobody else can get in.

What is the secret code to the secret room on club penguin?

There are two secret rooms in club penguin, which one are you talking about?

Where is the backstage on Club Penguin after penguin play awards?

Club Penguin adds rooms for special events, such as the Penguin Play Awards. Club Penguin staff, after the party is over, takes away the room.

How do you get a pen on club penguin?

look around different rooms to find it