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There's a few that im reading right now that are pretty good:

Burning Sun :\ (my fav)

The Silver Lining:

Midnight Moon:

all these are from the same site and im sure if you want more you can find more on this site

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I have lately read a good story where Alice has left Jasper and he's turned human by a vampires ability. See Link 1below.

But if you are interested in some hurt/comfort fanfictions on Bella and Jasper then you can go to Link 2 and choose your pairing and Genre.

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Q: What are some good twilight fanfictions where Jasper is turned human and gets together with Bella?
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In twilight is Jasper 16 17 18 19 or 20 for real in twilight?

In the "Twilight" series, Jasper Hale is turned into a vampire at the age of 20.

When was Jasper turned into a vampire- twilight?

Jasper Hale was turned into a vampire during the American Civil War in 1863 by a vampire named Maria.

In Twilight the 3 girls that turned Jasper into a vampire were they new borns?

no they were adults

What year did jasper hale become a vampire in twilight?

he turned into a vampire is 1863

When was Jasper in twilight turned into a vampire?

Jasper Hale was turned into a vampire in 1863 during the American Civil War by a vampire named Maria, who was creating an army of newborn vampires.

Who is Lucy in the twilight series?

She was friends with the vampire that changed Jasper. (Maria is the vamp that turned Jaz.)

Why was Jasper hale adopted in twilight?

Alice finds him. he was not turned by the cullens. He was changed in the civil war.

What are Edwards brothers name in twilight?

Technically, Edward is the oldest. Carlisle turned him before Emmet and Jasper were vampires.

Is Jasper hale 16 17 18 19 or 20?

Jasper Hale the Twilight Character was born in 1843... Jasper was turned into a vampire in 1863 by a vampire named Maria when he was 20 years old.

When is the Cullens's vampire birthday in twilight?

The Cullen vampire birth days are not always told to us in Twilight. The years they were turned are: Carlisle, sometime in the 1640's. Edward was turned in 1918. Esme was turned in 1921. Alice was turned in 1921. Jasper was turned in 1863. Rosalie was turned in 1933 and Emmett was turned in 1935.

How and why was Jasper hale and Emmett Cullen same last name whitlock in twilight before they were adopted?

Before they were turned into vampires Emmett was born Emmett McCarty and Jasper was born Jasper Whitlock. They did not have the same last name.

In twilight is this the order from oldest to youngest of Edward's Brothers and Sisters Jasper Emmett Rosalie Alice then Edward?

it depends on if you mean by human years (how old they were when they were turned into vampires) or vampire years (how long they've been a vampire) Jasper is oldest being turned in 1843 when he was 20 Edward was turned in 1918 when he was 17 Alice was turned in 1920 when she was approximately 19 rosalie was turned in 1933 when she was 18 Emmett was turned in 1935 when he was 20