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You can check the official websites of your favorite celebrities and see if they offer fan screen names that you can send messages to. You can also search on myspace for official fan myspace pages of your favorite celebrities.

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Q: What are some celebrity's AOL screen names?
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Well, I hope I am answering your question but the URL is the website address and of AOL it is

How-much- 1-8883-643221-Aol, Mail-Helpline-phone-number-searched?

AOL, MAIL, LOGIN, is the company known for introducing electronic machines like computers and printers. They have been of great use for the users which helps in maintaining their work and also making it easy and efficient. These devices have become the need of the hour and have even got quite a good response because of their outstanding performances. With the active services delivered by AOL, MAIL, LOGIN, and its officials, they also have dedicated customer support which helps users with their issues and glitches if they face any. AOL, MAIL, SUPPORT, PHONE, NUMBER, AOL, MAIL, TECH, SUPPORT, PHONE, NUMBER, AOL, MAIL, CUSTOMER, SUPPORT, PHONE, NUMBER, AOL, MAIL, CUSTOMER, SERVICE, PHONE, NUMBER, AOL, MAIL, TOLL, FREE, PHONE, NUMBER, AOL, MAIL, HELPLINE, PHONE, NUMBER, AOL, MAIL, TECHNICAL, SUPPORT, PHONE, NUMBER, AOL, MAIL, SUPPORT, NUMBER, AOL, MAIL, CONTACT, PHONE, NUMBER

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Where can someone find pictures of Brooke Banks?

Brooke Banks fan websites, Bing, Google, Aol, Yahoo image pages, various magazine publications for men, babe calendars, posters, and anywhere else that pictures of female models are featured.

Where can you buy the InuYasha movies with English dubbed?

i don't watch them on tv, i go to youtube or AOL

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How can you find someone's AOL screen name?

The best way to find someone's AOL screen name is to go under the 'find buddy' option. Type in the person's name and state, and a list of screen names will come up that are related to the person's name.

How do you make a new AOL screen name?

To make a screen name, go to then click get a new screen name. You can only have AOL if you are 18 years old, so if it says that this service is not available at the time and you are under 18, that could be the reason. The answer above is not actually true. I got my AOL email in 2004 and it didn't ask me or tell me anything like that. I was at least 6 years old. I was good with computers.

What is Nicki manages AOL screen name?


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You would have to install AOL Instant Messenger.

If you switch from AOL to another internet provider can you keep your AOL screename?

Yes you can keep your email and screen names that is free for anyone i have RoadRunner High Speed Online and i have 2 email account through American Online Internet (Aol ) and another Via-(Aim) America online instant messengerHope This Helps-- Chris

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What is Kendall Jenner's AOL screen name?

Sorry does not carry personal information such as the personal AOL of Kendall Jenner.

Taylor Swift aim screen name?

does Taylor swift has an aim or AOL screen name please answer and give me her screen name.

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Well AOL was first launched in 1989 but thats all I know

What is Demi Lovato real AOL screen name?

She has a personal and a fan AOL. But her personal is only for her friends and family. But her fan AOL is, DemitriaLMusic! SHE ANSWERD ALL MY QUESTION'S RIGHT AND QUICK! =0 I swear she is real

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You have to open up Internet Explorer and select View from the menu bar, then Text size and select Medium (or larger if desired). This will affect AOL's font size including the Welcome Screen. For some reason, every now and then it reverts back to smallest font size.

How do you switch back to the new AOL home page from the classic view on AOL desktop 9.6 software?

Go keyword: Increase screen size Mike