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According to their website, AOL Radio plays more than 25 different genres of music. Included in their listing is: Alternative, Blues, Christian, Christmas, Classical, Comedy, Dance/Electronic, Decades, Eclectic, Gospel, Hip Hop, Indie, Jazz, Kids/Teens, Latino, Lite Sounds, Metal, News/Sports/Talk, Oldies, Pop, R&B, Rock, Soundtracks, Themes, and World/International.

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Q: What kinds of music does AOL radio play?
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What is URL of AOL?

Well, I hope I am answering your question but the URL is the website address and of AOL it is

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How many different internet radio stations are offered by AOL Radio?

AOL Radio offers many different radio stations. AOL Radio has over one hundred fifty stations that play all kinds of different music generas. AOL Radio started in 2001.

What kinds of music can be found on the AOL website?

There are lots of different types of music on the AOL website. These include most forms of popular music, the latest chart music and other genres such as R&B.

How can you submit music videos to AOL the boot?

Visit Music radio Promotions -were all online radio stations are serviced on cd promos

When was AOL Radio created?

AOL Radio was created in 2001.

How do you record radio to ipod?

I know a streaming audio recorder,it can record radio and music like AOL radio,last.FM radio,bbc radio,myspace music,imeem music.And it's very easy to use.

Where could one find good music stations on the radio AOL website?

Some good music stations on the radio AOL website are: Classic Rock, Pop Music, Awesome 80's, Lite Hits, Fresh 40, Top Country, Smooth Jazz, Love Songs.

Where can one find Christmas Music Radio online?

There are many companies and websites that offer Christmas music radios online. Some of these websites that offer Christmas music radio online are TuneIn and AOL.

What are the biggest online radio stations?

The most popular online radio stations are Pandora, Live365 and AOL Radio. There are also downloadable online music programs that allow you to stream live radio stations.

How many internet stations does AOL free radio offer?

AOL offers between 200 to 300 internet radio stations that allow people to listen to a variety of stations. These stations include music such as blues, dance, country, gospel and classical.

What kinds of videos can be found on AOL videos?

AOL offers many different types of videos that cover a wide range of interests. From celebrity news and weather to music and video game reviews, there is truly something for everyone on AOL video.

What music can be found on AOL?

AOL Music has a variety of music from different artists and bands. Some artists whose music is available on AOL include Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Adele and The Fray.

What is the difference between these two sites AOL Music and AOL Video?

if you are really that stupid the music is for music and the video is for videos!!