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Fushigi Yugi : The Mysterious Play , X TV , Angel Sanctuary , Witchblade and Vampire Knight .

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Q: What are some animes like Ayashi no Ceres?
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How many episodes are Japanese Dramas?

They are usually around 11 but some animes like Love game go up to 14 and animes like Oh! My girl go up to 8!

What are some good romance animes with a mean-ish boy and a strong girl?

well ima big otaku and ive been searching for animes just like that

Is there any animes like naruto?

Personally, I always hated all other anime except for Naruto. I really think its the best one out there; however there are many other animes that some people really like. Try browsing the site below.

What is the names of some adult animes?


What are all the animes in America?

Most animes in Japan can be found in American. However, some may not be dubbed in english. Luckily, people can translate and put subtitles on the animes to help others enjoy good animes. =]

What are some animal animes?

Ginga Densetsu Weed

What are some animes were a ton a guys like the same girl?

That is called a reverse harem. Some examples would beUta no Prince-samaOuranStarry Sky

What are some sword animes?

Bleach (the most) and Naruto Shippuden (some).

Are there any new vampire animation like Vampire knight?

(These involve mostly vampires, romance, or physcological plots.) Rosario+Vampire Vampire Slayer D Vampire Princess Nightwalker Shingetsutan Tsukihime (Lunar legend) Vampire Princess Miyu Hellsing Dracula:Sovereign Of The Damn Legend of Duo Lunar Legend Tsukihime Karin (Chibi Vampire) Black Blood Brothers Here are some that are almost exactly the same or very similar to VK (romance, drama, or physcological): Ayashi No Ceres Ghost Hunt Glass Mask Full Moon Wo Sagashite D.Gray-Man Fruits Basket Earl and Fairy Tsubasa Chronicle Zero No Tsukaima Zombie-Loan Shakugan No Shana Soul Eater Kuroshitsuji I really recommend Ayashi No Ceres. Its not ancient, or old if that's what you think. Its very good

Is there a anime like Save me Lollipop?

Here are some animes similar to Mamotte Lollipop (Save Me Lollipop)! Zero No Zsukisima (The Familliar Of Zero). Shugo Chara! Tokyo Mew Mew Watch these animes on Youtube, Gogoanime or Watchanimeon I reccomand these sites. If you want more information about these animes type on Google : -------- (The anime's name) and then write Wikipedia. By the way Shugo Chara is really popular! (But I don't like it).

What are some good animes with yanderes?

There are many different animes with yanderes characters. Some of the famous ones include Hikurishi, Elfen Lied, and Higurashi no Nuko. You can try these out and see if they captivate you.

What are some good steampunk animes?

The following list contains good steampunk animes Simoun, Howl's Moving Castle, Steamboy and Samurai 7.