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Technically he's a genin, but he is stronger than Kakashi and possibly Jiraiya (as of 10/22/08)

He is just a genin, shippuden reveals it at its first episode i think, but naruto gets assigned jonin ranked missions though and S+ missions to (missions Jonin and Hokage lvl, because of akatsuki) ~by Black Ace1809

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The fist level is genin, which is after a ninja graduates from the ninja academy. The second level is chunin which is only achieved once the ninja takes the Chunin Exam which determines if you have what it takes to be a chunin. The chunin are the ones that can lead a mission. Most of the ninjas in Konoha are chunin (the ones that wear the green jackets). The third level is jonin, which is Kakashi's rank, is given to one by the leader of the village if you have good skills, a good mission success rate, and an overall view of how good you are as a ninja. They are known as the elite ninja. The next rank is special elite, which just means that you are a jonin that is specialized in one certain technique or ability like medical ninjutsu. The next is Anbu, which are basically super ninja spies. They can assassinate, spy, and protect important people like the kage. The second-highest one is sage, which means that you are able to use the sage justsu and you can be as powerful or more powerful than a kage. Kage is the highest level of ninja that can be acquired. They are very powerful and know many techniques. The kage are highly respected and are matched by no one else except for a sage or another kage.

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What the power levels of the show naruto to naruto shippudden would be if they had them.

based on dbz readings

Fight with Zabuza


sasuke- 40


kakashi regular- 400

Zabuza- 395

Haku- 420

Zabuza second Fight

naruto with training- 130

sasuke with training- 150

sakura with training- 90

Kakashi with sharingan- 620

Kakashis lightning blade- 800

sasuke with partial sharingan- 200

naruto with some of nine tails power and angry- 490

Start of the chunin exams forest of death

naruto- 150

sasuke- 200

sakura- 120

rock lee- 250



neji- 260

kiba- 140



orochimaru playing around-500 (true power over 1000)

sasuke with sharingan- 300

sasuke after curse mark-370

rock lee using gates- 270

naruto with some of nine tails power- 250

sound ninjas- 130 to 280

Chunin exam pre matches

naruto tired-120


naruto fired up- 150

sasuke hurting from curse mark- 283

sasukes opponent-250

shikamarus opponent-130


gaara- 500

rock lee using gates- 489

might guy- 600

Match finals

Naruto after training- 200

neji- 280

naruto using some of nine tails power-280

shikamaru after traning- 150

temari- 165


sasuke after training-400

sasukes chidori-530


The third Hokage- 1998

Orochimaru serious-2000

Orochimarus summoned 1st hokage not actual power when alive- 950

Orichimarus summoned 2nd Hokage not actual power when alive- 920

Third Hokage with his weapon/ape- 2200

orichimaru with his sword- 2300

chasing gaara


sakura- 120


sound ninjas shikamaru trapped- 350

asuma- 600

shino- 150



sasuke curse mark- 500

gaara half beast 600

naruto riled up to protect friends- 587 (only at that moment)

gaara perfect posesion- 990

narutos summon gamabunta- 987

gaara asleep/ shukaku- 999 and rising

itachi and kisame coming to the leaf village

asuma- 700

kakashi- 810

kurenai- 650

kakashi with sharingon- 910

itachi- 1500 ( holding back true power)


might guy- 809 (holding back true power)

sasuke finding itachi

sasuke- 420

naruto- 380

jiraiya- 1800

sasukes chidori- 520

sasuke with sharingon- 500

Sannin showdown

naruto after training- 400

narutos rasengan- 715

kabuto- 730

tsunade- 1555

jiraiya weakened fron tsunades drink- 1300

Orochimarus without arms- 1500

shizune- 530

sasuke rescue team


Jiroubou- 430

chouji with first spinach pill- 440

Jiroubou with curse mark level 1- 480

chouji with second yellow pill- 490

Jiroubou with curse mark level 2- 600

chouji with the last pill- 700 (momentary power level)

Neji- 480

kidomaru- 476

kidomaru in long range mode- 482

nejis rotation- 500

kidomaru curse mark level 1- 550

nejis 8 trigrams 128 palms- 550

neji weakened- 200

kidomaru with curse mark level 2- 780

neji weakened further after shot with arrow- 115

kidomarus power flow stopped by neji- 300

nejis momentum boost-265

nejis 64 palms atttack- 400

kidomaru injured- 100 and decreasing until dead

shikamaru- 330 (shikamarus smartness makes it seem like his power is plus 300 his regular power)

shikamarus shadow possesion-800 and decreasing


tayuya curse mark level 1- 600

tayuya curse mark level 2- 700

tayuya weakened- 650

Temari after training-450

Temaris wind jutsus- 800


sakon- 420

sakon curse mark level 1- 520

sakon curse mark level 2- 680

sakon weakened- 400

kiba weakened- 200

kankuro- 420

kimimaro- 800

naruto- 430

rock lee- 500

rock lee drunken- 780

gaara- 800

kimimaru level 2 curse mark 900

kimimaru power low from sickness-788

gaaras sand burial- 1000

Naruto and sasukes fight

Naruto angered-450

sasuke with curse mark-600

sasuke regular-500

sasuke with sharingan-600

naruto claming to be serious but still holding back- 500

naruto with some of the nine tails power-750

sasuke full sharingan-780

naruto with one of the nine tails -1000

sasuke with the full sharingan and level 1 curse mark-980

sasuke with full shaingan and level 2 curse mark-1050

naruto fox cloak rasengan-1500

sasuke level 2 curse mark chidori-1555

Naruto and jiraiya return after 3 years of training

naruto regular-600


jiraiya- 1900

tsunade- 1600

shikamaru- 450

temari- 500

kakashi regular- 900

chouji- 400

kiba- 420

shino- 450

capture of gaara

Gaara- 900


sasori- 1000

kankuro- 600

Leaf rescuing gaara, confronting sasori


chiyo- 990

Naruto and kakashi chasing deidara

naruto with some of the ninetails power from anger-800

kakashi sharingan jutsu on deidaras arm- 1500

kakashi with sharingan- 1200

The tenchi bridge

naruto Four tails- 2000

Orochimaru 1900

yamato- 800



sakura- 550

infiltration of orochimarus hideout

sasuke regular- 1200



asuma vs hidan

hidan- 990

asuma- 830

the two chunins with asuma- 540

kakuzu- 1030

shikamaru -530

hidan and kakuzu vs kakashi shika ino and chouji

hidan- 990


kakashi sharingan-1200

kakuzu transformed-1300

naruto after training- 700

narutos rasenshuriken- 2000

sasuke defeating orochimaru


orochimaru with sickness-900

sasukes team

sasuke- 1200

seigetsu- 700

karin- 300


jiraiya vs pain

jiraiya sage mode- 2000

pain- 2070

itachi and sasukes battle begins

sasuke with sharingan-1,700

itachi with sharingan while sick-2,000

itachi injured- 1,700

sasuke lightning dragon- 2,000

sasuke weakened 500

itachi with susano'o- 5,000

itachi from sickness- 0/dead

sasukes battle with bee

sasuke with sharingan-1700

jugo monster mode-980



Bee- 1980

bee with 8 tails power- 2150

bees true beast form- 8000

Naruto after training with the art of sage

Tsunade- 1600 anbu with tsunade- 980

Deva path- 2690

anima path- 600

preta path- 980

human path- 760

asura path- 1300

naraka path- 1000

kakashi with sharingan- 1500

naruto regular- 1300

tsnade weakened- 700

Naruto sage mode- 2700

narutos rasenshuriken in sage mode- 4000

naruto worn out-1100

nagato sending all his power to deva path- 7330

naruto 4 tails-5100

naruto 5 tails- 6100

the necklace trying to bound naruto- 5000

deva path close to nagato- 8000

naruto 8 tails-9100

naruto back in sage mode- 2700

exhausted deva path- 2685

naruto out of sage mode and tired- 1900

deva path exhausted further- 2000

narustos rasengan-3000

naruto after the battle- 1700

nagato after the battle-2000

narutos sage mode with fox power- 4000

konan- 1600

sasukes battle with the raikage

sasuke- 1800

jugo in transformation-1000

seigetsu- 750


darui - 1,000

shi - 300


sasuke with mangekyo sharingan- 2300

raikage at tailed beast levels- 4500

gaara- 1568

sasuke with sasano'o- 6000

sasuke vs the mizukage

sasuke weakened- 1780

mizukage- 2458

Tsuchikage- 2200

kisame vs killer bee

kisame - 1,200

killer bee - 2,000

kisame full power samehada - 1,500

killer bee eight tails cloak - 2,195

killer bee eight tails human form cloak - 2,400

kisame samehada fusion - 2,230

killer bee in water - 1,980

killer bee chakra lost - 1,100

kisame - 1,200

killer bee and raikage's double lariat - 4,695

guy vs kisame

guy - 1,200

kisame samehada fusion mode - 1,800

killer bee - 2,000

naruto - 1,200

kisame - 1,400

guy 6th gate mode - 2,000

kisame 1000 killer shark jutsu - 2,000

guy 6th gate mode afternoon tiger - 2,245

chakra mode naruto - 3,500

konan vs tobi

konan - 1,600

tobi - 2,500

shinobi world war arc

kankuro - 1,112

puppet sasori - 1,200

sai - 780

sai's brother - 800

gaara - 1,930

temari - 1,220

deidara - 1,330

sasori - 1,400

The time to make these power levels must've been very hard, but these are pretty bad power levels if it's compared to DBZ.

Master Roshi the weakest Z fighter destroyed the moon at a power level of 139, NOT ONE NARUTO CHARACTERS POWER LEVEL, aside from the sage of six paths, nine tails, and jyuubi, will pass 100. They are ALL UNDER 100.

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His ninja rank is genin. the lowest level ninja usually doing D and C rank missions in three man squad with jonin. This is NOT an assessment of his skill level which i considerably higher.

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It's rated T for teen.

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