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Q: What are Joe Jonas political views?
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Who are Kevin and Joe Jonas voting for in the presidential election?

None of the Jonas Brothers wish to share their political views with their fans.

What political party are the Jonas brothers?

* Only Joe and Kevin are old enough to vote. They just registered recently. No word on who they are voting for.

Does Joe Jonas have a weemee?

joe is joe Jonas nick is nick Jonas Kevin is Kevin Jonas

Who is prettier Nick Jonas or Joe Jonas?

joe jonas

What is Joe Jonas' autograph?

Joe Jonas in cursive

Does Joe Jonas have a son?

No, Joe Jonas does not have a son.

What is Joe Jonas's dad's?

Joe Jonas's dad's.................. what?

Joe Jonas has a Webkinz?

No Joe Jonas doesn't have a webkinz. But Frankie Jonas does. :)

Is Joe Lucas also Joe Jonas?

yes..well Joe Jonas plays Joe Lucas in the Jonas Brothers' new show on Disney Channel, JONAS.

Who is better Joe Jonas or Kevin Jonas?

Joe Jonas, OF CORSE! Kevin is the ugliest of them all!

Who is Nick Jonas brothers?

Kevin Jonas joe Jonas Frankie Jonas

What is all about Joe Jonas'?

joe Jonas doesnt have an idividual myspace joe Jonas will tell the police to track down all the fake joe Jonas myspace joe Jonas loves girls he hates it when people try to be him on myspace