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That would the the ENT, the tree like creatures.

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Q: What Tolkien creature has three letters and n is the middle letter?
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What is the name of a Tolkien monster with 3 letters?

One example of a Tolkien monster with three letters in its name is Orc. Orcs are a common creature in Middle-earth, often depicted as fierce and ruthless warriors serving dark powers like Sauron.

What are Tolkien's tree creatures?

Anything from Orcs to Hobbits. Any creature or creation in Middle Earth, is Tolkien's.

What is the Tolkien creature beginning with letter o?

The Tolkien creature beginning with the letter "O" is an "Orc." Orcs are fictional humanoid creatures in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium, serving as soldiers and minions of dark lords like Sauron. They are often depicted as fierce, brutal warriors.

Who was Tolkien monster starting with letter o?

Tolkien's monster starting with the letter "O" is the Orcs, who are a race of twisted creatures bred by the dark lord Sauron in the world of Middle-earth.

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What is Tolkien's encyclopedic book about Middle-earth called?

The History of Middle-earth

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