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Trolls are much bigger than dwarves and hobbits, at least in Tolkien's world of Middle Earth. They are almost the equivalent of giants. They could pick up The Hobbit with one hand.

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Q: What is the difference between a hobbit and a troll?
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What is difference between hobbit AND dwarf?

The hobbit is much shorter than a dwarf. Hobbits do not have beards.

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Where are the swords from in The Hobbit?

The named swords (Orcrist, Glamdring and Sting) are found by Thorin and Company in a troll cave. Originally, however, they were from the hidden elven kingdom of Gondolin in Beleriand (which by the time of the hobbit was sunken below the waves).

What sword did gandulf find in the cave in The Hobbit?

Gandolf found Glamdring and Orchrist in the troll's cave. He took Glamdring and Thorin took Orchrist.

What was Elrond able to read for the travelers in 'The Hobbit'?

He read the engravings on the swords they had found in the troll's hoard. He also saw the moon runes on the map.

When is Foehammer introduced in 'The Hobbit'?

Foe-Hammer was found in the Troll hoard in chapter 2. Elrond explains it's lineage and name in chapter 3.

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They are the god damn swords that the party found in the troll cave. Gandalf stabs the goblin king in the back with his.

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