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Movie theaters.

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2009-01-12 16:53:07
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Q: Were televisions or movie theaters invented first?
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Is there going to be a Pokemon movie in theaters?

The first five Pokemon movies were released to theaters. Nowadays, though, Pokemon movies are shown on cable television and released on home video, and not released to theaters.

Can i use the 3D glasses from movie theaters for my 3D TV?

For any passive 3D television, the 3D glasses from movie theaters will work.

Will a Garfield movie be coming out in 2010?

only on TV not in theaters

When is the winx club movie coming out in theaters at the us?

You can watch it on fox30 September 1st 2008 on tv but not in theaters

Was The Hobbit by Rankin and Bass shown in theaters?

Not really, the movie was made for television and was first shown on November 27th, 1977. It won a Peabody Award, which is for television and radio productions. It was occasionally shown in theaters for special events and groups.

Is the Wizards Of Waverly Place movie going to be on TV or in the theaters?


What is Attila the movie rated?

Only if it was shown in US movie theaters. Television productions do not use the MPAA movie rating system.

Is big time movie a movie?

Big Time Movie is better classified as a TV movie. This means it was released on a television station instead of through theaters. It is still a movie though.

What is widescreen movies?

its made for wide TVs like big screens not movie theaters

When is Breaking Dawn Part Two going on TV?

The movie will be released in Theaters on November 16. The movie will not be on TV until after it's release to DVD.

Will they turn the fringe TV show into a movie?

"The Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Movie"(In Theaters August 28th, 2020)Rated: G - General Audiences"Daizy!: The Movie"(In Theaters July 4th, 2025)Rated: G - General Audiences

When was the first Star Wars movie in theaters?

The very first Star Wars movie was released in theaters on May 25, 1977

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