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Yeah even during the Bad era, Dangerous era and HIStory era. I am a huge fan of his don't get me wrong, but he lost his sex appeal during the Invinvible era to be honest. In case you didn't know, he had a skin disease that made him turn white. Absolutely he was hot. Back in the 80s, Michael had an extremely handsome face with delicate features, big brown eyes, beautiful teeth and a ready smile. Before the skin disease vitiligo forced him to even out his skin tone until he was almost entirely white, Michael's skin was a deep coca brown - beautiful and very soft looking. And very attractive. In my own opinion, the deterioration of Michael's handsome looks didn't really stem from the change in his skin color. It was caused solely by the self-mutilation he choose to inflict on his facial features via excessive plastic surgery.

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Q: Was Michael Jackson hot when he was black?
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