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Yes. Alec changed before Jane because he was elder to her and Jane was too young to be changed into a vampire before Alec.

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Q: Was Alec volturi changed before Jane?
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In new moon what is Jane and her brothers fullname?

Jane Volturi and Alec Volturi (They Do Not Have Middle Names)

Who is the mate of alec volturi?

Alec doesn't truly have a mate. All he has is his sister, Jane.

Who is the name of Volturi siblings?

Alec and Jane,they are bio twins

Twin vampire in The Twilight Saga?

alec and Jane volturi

In new moon are Jane and Alec in The Cullen's Family?

no they are in the volturi

What is the name of the volturi siblings?

Alec and Jane. alec can take all of your senses away from you and Jane she can burn you mentally where you stand.

In new moon who is all in Jane and Alec's Family?

Jane and Alec are brother and sister and they belong to the Volturi coven. They are loyal to them and only them. they don't have a "family" per-say but if they did it would be the Volturi.

In twilight is Jane and Alec Volturi's fullname Dakota Jane and Cameron Alec Volturi?

no and the Volutori are not a family its just a bunch of royal vampires with special talents

Which volturi causes intense pain by affecting the mind?

Jane Volturi. And her brother Alec can actually kill them with the power.

In new moon are Demitri Jane and Alec All Brother's And Sister's?

no, Jane and alec are the witch brothers, demitri is just another member of the volturi coven

In New Moon Does Jane from new moon have any brother's or sister's?

Jane of the Volturi in New Moon has a twin brother. He is also one of the Volturi and his name is Alec.

How old is Jane Volturi?

Jane Volturi is over 1000 years old. Aro has had his eye on Alec and Jane for a while,They were caught charming a deer and the villagers thought they were practicing witch craft so they tried to burn them at the stake, Aro was forced to slaughter all of the villagers and turn the twins Alec and Jane.