Who is alec in twilight?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Alec is a member of the volturi, a "royal" vampire clan. His gift is to cut of all senses, rendering his victim helpless, and his twin sister is Jane. He and is sister are said to be over 3 thousand years old.

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Q: Who is alec in twilight?
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What is name of Alec in The Twilight Saga?

The actor who portrays 'Alec' in the Twilight Saga is Cameron Bright.

Who plays Alec in The Twilight Saga?

Alec is played by Cameron Bright.

What is alec's real name from twilight?

Alec is his real name from what I know. Alec is played by Cameron Bright.

Who is Cameron bright in twilight?

Cameron Bright portrayed the character Alec in the Twilight film series. Alec is a member of the Volturi, one of the ruling vampire covens in the Twilight universe, known for his ability to create illusions that affect the senses of others.

When was Alec in Twilight born?

26th January 1993 :)

Who is Jane's brother in the twilight series?

His name is Alec.

Twin vampire in The Twilight Saga?

alec and Jane volturi

How old is alec from twilight?

Alec from the Twilight series is a vampire. He was turned into a vampire at a young age and has been in his physical prime since. His exact age is not specified in the books or movies.

In the Twilight's Saga Did Jane and Alec Know anything about Vampire's or Not?

They ARE vampires.... -_-

Who is the mate of alec volturi?

Alec Volturi, from the Twilight series, does not have a mate. In the books, Alec is a member of the Volturi guard, and his main companion is his sister Jane.

From twilight what is Janes brothers name?

His name is Alec and is the complete opposite to Jane; While Jane has a painfull gift Alec has a numbing gift.

Who will play Jane's brother Alec in twilight's breaking dawn?

Cameron Bright