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At the Feast Clove attacks Katniss, but before killing her she makes a foment about Rue. Thresh hears her and grabs Clove. Enraged he hits her with a rock and she slowly dies. He doesn't kill Katniss though because she was Rue's ally and feels that he owes her. Being from the Seam Katniss understands perfectly. She feels the same debt to Peeta since he gave her the bread when they were little.

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2011-09-29 00:23:38
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Q: Thresh let go of Katniss after Katniss did what?
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Why does Thresh let Katniss go in the Hunger Games book?

thresh let go katniss because katniss took care of rue, who was in thresh's tribute

Are thresh and rue from the same district in the book the hunger games?

Yes that's why thresh let katniss go

Why did Thresh let Katniss go after she told him that she had?

pulled clove from the latke when she was drowning

Why did Thresh let Katniss go in the Hunger games?

because she was helping rue stay alive in the games

What is katniss opinion of thresh?

thresh thinks katniss is a prostitute

Why does katniss think cato will go after thresh and not her?

because katniss is a butt face

Why doesn't Thrash kill Katniss?

Thresh doesn't kill Katniss because she sang his other district tribute, Rue, to death. So he let her go for Rue.

What animal is thresh compared to in the hunger games?

Thresh is probably a dog. Thresh is tough, but he had a soft spot for Rue, so he let Katniss live because of the partner ship. A dog is loyal and protective.

Why doesn't Katniss want to start the tour in district 11?

Because that's where Rue and Thresh were from. Rue was her ally in the games and was killed by a spear piercing her stomach and Rue reminds Katniss of her younger sister Prim. Thresh could have killed Katniss, but when he heard about what she did for Rue, he decided to let her go just once. But he was killed shortly thereafter, which made Katniss sad, for he saved her life

Who saved katniss life at the feast?

Thresh saved Katniss at the feast.

Why did Thresh save Katniss?

Because she was allies with rue, thresh's fellow district tribute.

Why was katniss bothered when she heard thresh dWhy was katniss bothered when she heard thresh died?

Because he was in the same district as Rue and he spared her life.

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